Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Miss sure is an adventurous little one. It's often hard to keep up with her even at our own house. As she's gaining new skills and becoming more and more fearless she's been getting herself into some very interesting predicaments that I am often called into to save her from. Here are some recent favorites.

She has always enjoyed perching on Daddy's computer tower while searching for something fun on his desk. Now she just sits on top of it banging on the keyboard. 

She has been able to climb onto the loveseat for a while now but recently discovered the pillows move. She got her feet stuck under the seat cushions. 

And she also gets stuck on the top as she's becoming a rather skilled mountain climber. 

She climbs into her basket of books but there just isn't enough room to get them out to read. 

Another favorite game is to climb into her toy box and then one by one take all of her toys out and throw them on the floor. We've started having her very own clean up time since I'm so over this game. 

She just figured out how to move her closet doors to get inside. There are lots of things to climb on in there. Not to mention lots of "new" toys. 

She has loved to playing with the entertainment center doors and for a long time it wasn't a problem until she figured out that if she yells really loudly it kind of echos back at her. This cannot be accomplished fully unless you are inside of the compartment. Clearly.

This my friends, is an act of desperation. Stinky Giraffe is a bed time only toy that she loves so dearly she wants him all the time. I forgot to move him away from the edge of the crib and walked into her room to catch her sucking on him through the bars. Right after this picture was taken she figured out how to slide him out. Now he's a frequent fugitive. 

Clearly I need to come up with new ways to entertain my child but I'm sure glad she's so darn curious. Nothing seems to hold her back for long and with her independent spirit, she's destined for greatness. Sometimes though, I wish her independent spirit didn't tell her to climb onto the coffee table and then try to dive off at me when I'm barely close enough to catch her. That lesson must be saved for another day. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today I'm thankful for:

arts and crafts
diet Pepsi (oh how it saves me some days)
Clean dishes
Mister's willingness to help out a friend
Patience. Lord knows I need it with the Miss today. 

What are you thankful for today?

And remember, 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

One Point Five

Yesterday the Miss officially turned 18 months old.

I didn't blog about it on the actual day because well, the time seemed to have gotten away from me between figuring out what on earth she's whining for now and cleaning up the saucy disaster that penne and meatballs was I just wanted to flop into bed and not come out for a while.

Baby girl is a year and a half old now! And independent! And talking!

Yikes. This child needs to slow things down a bit or else.

She has words now. Many words. It's empowering for her but also so very frustrating. I can see in her eyes when she has something really important to express but can't get it together to tell me. That's where the whining comes in but we're working on using our words and she seems to be getting it.

She can say:
don't touch

I'm sure I'm missing one or two but that list is pretty impressive for a wee one.

Her love for books has suddenly returned with gusto and she will often come over with a book whether or not I'm in the middle of doing something, reach for my hand and place it on the book and then reach for me. She's rather demanding. Much of our day is spent with her by my side needing to know exactly what I'm doing and why.

She is starting to become more curious about the potty and will actually go into the bathroom and put her little seat onto the toilet and then wait for me to come in and strip her down. Most of the time there isn't anything that  happens but the desire she has to do it has got to be a good sign right?

Noella is also just starting to figure out how to shake her head yes. It has me rather excited because it's hard to interpret which no actually means yes most of the time.

She still LOVES to dance. She is starting to sing along with songs she knows. It makes me giggle a little bit because when I was little I sang all the time whether or not music was on. When we're cleaning in the afternoon I'll turn on a music channel and she dances around the house with a damp cloth swiping it on anything she pleases. (Yes, my 18 month old cleans with me. But mostly it's just to keep her entertained too.)

Mostly, she's just a super sweet and super smart little one who loves to climb on everything. She still will come over and lay her head on me or ask to be held so she can snuggle me for a moment. It can be a rough job raising a toddler but  it's moments like these that make the hard days worth it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two years

Right about this time exactly two years ago, this photo was taken.

I was preparing for the biggest event in my life to that point. My wedding day.

As I look back on that day, I am filled with joy knowing that when I walked down the aisle in my white dress that Jason was there waiting for me. His eyes were filled with tears of excitement and love. It was perfect.

So many things have happened in our little life since that day. We've moved 3 times in two different states, we've become parents to the most wonderful little girl anyone could ask for. We have had our shares of fights and more than our share of laughter. We've been through a lot but the most important part is that we've been through it together.

He chose my particular brand of crazy and for that I'm eternally grateful. I can't think of anyone else who is as unconditionally loving as he is. He never fails to make me laugh even when I'm at my breaking point of frustration. I couldn't ask for more.

Jason has taught me a lot about life and about love. That a willingness to meet your partner halfway and some days a little more is an absolute must. He has taught me how to step back and take care of me too. He has taught me the importance of stability. He is my rock. The one I can always turn to and while he may not always understand why I'm feeling what I am (for heaven's sake sometimes I don't even know why I'm upset) he's always there to snuggle me.

He is my electric blanket when my feet are cold. He is the only man I know willing to ask for seconds of burnt crock pot chili. He rubs my back without having to be asked. He always holds my hand in the car. He is the most loving Daddy I've ever met. Jason Chauvin is home for me.

(In case you missed it, here is last year's anniversary post!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For Her

I suppose I put together this montage of photos to prove to myself that even if it seems like Noella and I don't have any photos together we do in fact have a few. It's hard to get in the photo when you're the one behind the camera. 

The very last photo of Noella an I was taken yesterday in my driveway using the timer on my camera and a very nifty tripod. I took this because I realized that in our handful of photos together that we have major gaps in time. I'd like to decrease those gaps so that when she looks back on these photos she won't just see herself but that I was there too. 

Yes, some may argue that the mere fact that I was taking the photo meant that I was also there but it isn't quite the same. Documenting yourself on the floor with your child playing or perhaps chasing them in the yard takes some imagination and careful planning but it can be done. It should be done. I want Noella to know that I was there with her. Playing an active role and not just as a passive observer. As she gets older she'll be able to capture these memories for herself in her brain but for these first years, these most precious first years, I want to be there too. 

That's why friends, I'm starting a sort of self challenge to make more of an effort to haul out the tripod and capture us. And by us I mean my whole family. Mister, the Miss and me, Puddin' Pop. 

Here's to documenting the little moments because at the end of the day, those are what count. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 This child never fails to crush my heart into a pulp every day.

Everyday is something new. A new word, an new skill, something she's finally figured out how to play with. She's an ever changing little ball of energy and 90% of the time I wish I could push the pause button. But at the same time, I marvel at her accomplishments and how quickly she's progressing in this wild world. She doesn't miss a tick and is so interested in every move I make. She sweeps the floor and will wipe down the coffee table for me if I give her a damp cloth. She can blocks 5 high and has an ever expanding curiosity for whatever I'm doing in the kitchen. She even pretends to cook with a wisk and my pots and pans.

She's going to be 18 months in 16 days for heavens sake. That's just over 2 weeks. What happened to this tiny one? 

Now she's off and doing things like this: 

She swims by herself now and has so many important things to tell me all day long. She even can carry on a conversation on the phone for crying out loud. She will play for a while and then wander over to me with a purpose, pat me on the lap and then babble something in a completely serious tone. She always waits for a response before she wanders away again. 

She has also developed quite the personality. This picture was taken today of her wearing her Daddy's socks. She even wants to pick out her own clothes. Whether or not they actually fit. I can't wait until she actually starts to dress herself. Oh the outfits this child is going to create.

She's breaking my heart with every new adventure but no one can stop progress so I'm trying my darndest to capture every moment of it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knee Slapper

The Peanut has become a wild child lately with a temper to match.

You can tell she's mad at you when she furrows her brow, raises her hand and then slaps her leg as hard as she can in protest. She's got my temper for sure. Poor girl. It's going to be her downfall in life for sure.

She has also taken to bending down and slapping her knees/shins to music. This music can be on the radio, tv, from Jason or I singing. She doesn't care. She gets a big smile on her face and proceeds to slap out the beat the best she can on her legs. Maybe she'll be a music major?

I have to say 'get down please' about a half a million times a day. And that is in no way an exaggeration. She climbs on the coffee table, dining chairs, her crib, the toy box, the bookcase, the couch, Jason's computer tower, and the tv stand. It's getting a little dangerous to be in another room.

We are still in a power struggle over the contents of the lower cabinets of the kitchen. She thinks everything in there is a toy for her including my glassware. I'd prefer to not have footprints in my cooking dishes.

Life in Florida has pretty well settled down. We're in a pretty good routine. We spend Monday through Friday at home and then spend 90% of the weekends with the Trudells. I love having sleepovers as adults. It's just as fun as I remember it being as a kid but this time it's co-ed.

We had the plague hit our house last week. Well, not the plague. But close to it. It started last weekend when we had to cut our sleepover short because the Miss was really sick. We took her to urgent care and were told it was a double ear infection and were given a prescription. The next day she was broken out head to toe in a rash so we took her back and then were told it wasn't ear infections but chicken pox. Then I was hit with a migraine to end all migraines and then a fever and chills. As it turns out, it was actually Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Not the worst thing but certainly no fun at all. We've survived and now all of our spots are healing and we're back to our normal selves. Jason was the only one to escape it's wrath. Lucky duck.

Friday, August 3, 2012


It's funny to think about all the things I was weirded out by before becoming a mom. One of the biggest was when children would kiss their parents on the mouth. It just seemed weird to me because in my mind a kiss on the mouth is an intimate moment to be shared with your significant other.

Noella has been big on affection lately and so that includes lots of smooches. Her favorite places include but are not limited to: My cheeks, mouth, hair, legs and shoulders.

Most of the time if she's walking around I can lean over and say Noella, can I have a smooch and with a big grin she toddles on over and happily obliges with a big, wet, open mouthed kiss smack dab on my mouth complete with a little lick at the end. It melts my heart because she's as happy to give me lovin' as I am to recieve it.

As time as gone on I've accepted that the whole mouth on mouth thing is just how it's done when you're a wee one and that it probably stems from the fact that there are days that I ask demand for more than just a few pecks from the Mister right in front of her. (how embarassing is it going to be for her in 7 years!?)

I adore that little one and the joy she brings to my heart seems to never ever end.

And so I leave you with your very own Noella kiss and hope you find something to melt your hear today too.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Florida Life

Thus far Florida life has been an adventure. One that's full of heat, humidity, large flying bugs and sunshine in our eyeballs. That sentence just made it sound kind of miserable didn't it? Well, fear not lovely readers! It has been the opposite of miserable. It's been grand. 

I mean, first off, we have a house. A freaking stand alone HOUSE people. That in and of itself is miraculous.

 See? Isn't it so super cute? And yes, that SUV is ours. Long gone are the days of the crappy Contour may he rest in pieces... erhm... peace. 

This is our Magnolia tree. The only reason I know it's a magnolia tree is that there was one lonely blossom the day we signed the lease. 

Here's a little update on the Nut which I know is really the reason you read this blog. 

 She is fabulous as ever. The two pictures of her in her knickers are from a weekend visit we made to NH a few weeks ago. I was the photographer for a friend's wedding. She was the reason everyone wanted to talk to me.
She is still super enthused by books and squishes any stuffed animal she can lay her hands on. 
She is starting to figure out how to eat a fork which is a big big deal for us because it really does mean toddlerdom. 

She is tall enough to reach things off the kitchen table and most other tables we own. She still has a few inches to go until she can reach the counters thank heavens. 
She loves taking out the pots and pans and banging them all over my tile floors. (Oh the noise that child can make!)
She can also climb onto the couch by herself and is working on the kitchen chairs. A very very scary skill that climbing is! She gets onto the couch and then stands up and runs back and forth on it. I do not like that Sam-I-Am. We're working on learning that couches are for sitting and not for climbing but there's only so much reasoning you can do with a 15 month old. 

She loves to swim in Aunt Becky's pool but only without any flotation device. Heaven help us if we try to put even a water wing on that child at this point. It's scary and wonderful at the same time. Scary because she loves to be under water almost as much as she loves to be in it. 
She has started to throw some magnificent tantrums if she can't get her way complete with the "you-can't-move-me-because-I-have-no-bones" trick. She certainly is my daughter. 

She continues to be super social and still seems to think everyone every where we go is somehow there just for her. It's kind of charming but also scary because she will go to pretty much anyone. 

One last  Noella talent. Whenever she sees a picture of herself she says "Mama" and if you ask her who it is, she'll point to herself. It may be coincidence at this age but it's so charming. 

Jason is doing wonderfully at his new job. He is not a fan of the commute home but who would be when they commute home is double plus some from his commute into work? He continues to melt anytime we are outdoors but he seems to be adjusting the best he can. 

I have been enjoying mornings of sleeping in past 8am (A big thanks to the Peanut!) and getting the house in order. I have also decided that I am NOT a fan of tile because 1) you can feel/see the dirt every where you step and 2) it takes 3 steps to clean my floors now. I have to sweep, then dry mop and then actually mop my floors to get them clean. The result is amazing but what a pain in the keaster! 

I am also getting to the point once again that I think I can pick up school where I left off before the move which is exciting and intimidating for me. It will probably be another month before I can start the paperwork for classes again but I'm slowly getting there. 

That's all for now folks! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So it's been a long while since I've posted anything and for that, I apologize. There have been some BIG changes in the past few weeks. The biggest one being that we now reside in the sunshine state.

(Don't mind the fact that I obviously stole this from the internet and it not only doesn't have our names but it has someone else's address as well) 

That's right folks. We've moved to Florida! We have dear friends who re-located down here last year for a new job and coincidentally this year the very same company was in need of an awesome and super talented customer service guy to work the help desk and voila! Jason had a job offer.

The reason I haven't really mentioned all this change before was, well, literally we had been talking for a good long while without any progress so it seemed stupid to mention something that wasn't coming any time soon and then once it did, we literally picked up and moved 1,299 miles away in a matter of two weeks. It's been a whirlwind I tell ya but it seems to have worked out just fine indeed.

We're currently staying with the aforementioned dear friends in Mount Plymouth until we can find our own little home. Which, might I add, we think we may have found yesterday evening but more to come on that when we find out whether or not we actually get it.

Noella adores Florida thus far. I think we swam everyday the first week we were here. That made her day. She ADORES the water which of course tickles me pink.

Besides the oppressive humidity and occasional 93 degree day life in Florida has been lovely. It's rained quite a bit but as I'm told this is kind of like Florida's winter. It's too hot or rainy to do much of anything outside so most of your days are spent indoors or running from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned store and back to the car to get home to central air. I can't say I'm complaining though. :) 

Well, I'm off to grab the angel of a girl who has been sleeping in until almost 10am most mornings for a wonderful adventure with Becky and Caden.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I clicked it up a notch!

This is my favorite from April because it really shows the relationship my husband has with our daughter. She has this wild spirit about her and a deep desire to be independent but at the same time needs her Daddy there right behind her to hold her close and tell her he loves her.

Click It Up A Notch

Monday, April 30, 2012


The Miss is quickly morphing into a fully fledged toddler. She no longer smells like a baby. She has taken on that odd toddler smell of left over snacks with a whiff of milk. She throws tantrums when she's told no. Especially when Daddy says no. She refuses foods (and by foods I mean anything green that is not directly from our plates). She will take a bit but then spit it out again. All. Over. My. Floors.

Look at that girl. Clearly baby-dom is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

It has also brought on some great and glorious changes too. She is more independent during the day. She wants to walk everywhere by herself. She is attempting to repeat words. She can say duck and tries hard to say quack. She's also starting to pick up the word no.

With Daddy at the beach
Miss Independent at the Aquarium
 We have been having great adventures lately too. We've gone into Boston to the Aquarium and on a duck boat tour. We play outside with some local friends when the weather is nice. When she wants to go bye-bye she grabs her shoes and walks around with them or whatever jacket happens to be still unhung from the last adventure and throws it over her head in an attempt to put it on. She really loves to get up and go lately.

This is Dahlia. They were fighting over the sand rake because clearly it's the only toy to use in the sandbox. 

It took Noella a while to finally warm up to the swings. I'm so glad she did though.
All these changes lately have been so fast that it's hard to keep up with her. I am feeling a little more frazzled by the end of the day and I can see it's wearing on Jason too when 2/3 of her dinner is on the floor or when we've had to remove her from playing with the wires under his desk for the 15th time in an hour. Who knew that this much independence could lead to so much more stress? 

I keep telling myself that this is for a short time and that in a year from now when I look back I'll laugh because this stress, these worries, these were the easy ones.