Friday, December 30, 2011


So i missed posting about Noella's ninth month by 10 whole days but MAN have we had to pack a whole lot in lately!

But first about the Miss.

She is nine whole months now. Ho-ly cow. She's been in this world for as long as it took to make her! And she's amazing.

She can stand by herself for about 15 seconds if she's good and distracted.
She figured out how to eat cheerios and is actually getting most of them in her mouth.
She loves to talk.
She desperately wants to take off walking but chickens out. I don't blame her. It's much easier to be carried everywhere.
She can finally lower herself down from the entertainment center. Thank goodness for small miracles.
She is a super duper attention ham. She literally leans out of the grocery cart, my arms, the car seat anything really, to catch the attention of a passerby.
She giggles all the time which makes my insides melt a little.
She said Mama finally! It was the day before Christmas too which made it extra special.
She loves to snuggle.
She has 4 teeth which she frequently grinds. It drives me nuts.
She still loves to play with the shoes.
She also loves dumping out the bucket of toys so she has no room to crawl and isn't interested in them once they are sprawled over the floor.
She's graduated to 12 month size clothing and size 4 shoes.
She's as tall or taller than most 18 month olds i know.
She has enough hair to put a tiny clip in now which makes me so so happy.
She also has only met one food she didn't quite like which was an orange slice but i don't blame her. They made me pucker a little. She even eats buffalo chicken. She can't get enough of that stuff.

She's been a super amazing baby lately which leads me into our Christmas trip! We were petrified of driving 4 plus hours to NY to see Jason's family but she did wonderfully. She only fussed when she had a diaper that was full to capacity or when she'd been in and out of the car all day. The first night sleeping with her was pretty awful but was understandable. She even slept in our bed for a while which was pretty magical until i got a foot in the ribs. Then it was not so fun.

She ADORED Jason's family. Especially his sister Julie. I don't think she's laughed so much with anyone before. She also had a great time meeting her cousins. She's the youngest grand baby by 12 years on that side and the first one on my side of the family so she is especially treasured.

I will admit i loved this Christmas more than any others that i can remember. Noella was in such a good mood and was so interested in making noise with the paper. We all had special Christmas jammies and got to be the only ones eating breakfast in the hotel that morning. This month has been crazy but it's been full of great memories too.

I promise to post some pictures as soon as i get all 256 off my camera. :)