The Mister

 The Mister.Oh my Mister. He's just the bee's knees. We met for the first time February 6th 2010. He thought I didn't like him. Pffft! I was just playing hard to get. He took me to a hockey game for our first date on Feburary 12th. He kissed me that night and I knew it was him I wanted forever.

He has a very tender heart which is one of the reasons I adore him. He adores that little babe of ours and does his very best to make sure she knows it. Elaine S. Dalton says “The most important thing a father can do for his [daughter] is to love [her] mother.” The Mister embodies this concept whole heartedly.

That man has an impeccable memory. He seriously remembers everything. There was one day before we had Noella that we took the train into Boston for the day and while on the train we called about tickets to see a Bruins game. He can still recall the what the number was that we called. That was over two years ago. It also means that I can never ever live down my many many less than magical moments. 

The Mister is an IT guy. It's actually the reason we relocated to FL in June of 2012. He's wicked smart and well organized. Even though his mind is a steel trap and he's an incredibly intelligent fellow, he's constantly joking which makes life so much happier. He's witty, loving and smart. the best combination. 

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