Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunshine and summer time!

Seriously, how can you not love her?

That lovely swimsuit ensemble is thanks to Gammy. (My mother) We went to lunch and out shopping one afternoon and i let her go hog wild on my child's behalf. I think she looks pretty darn cute.

I'm so glad the warm weather is here! If only Jason wouldn't want to keep our apartment at subzero temperatures... Noella and i hang out in sweatpants and long sleeves because the AC is so chilly. What he doesn't know is that most days, i shut it off during the day and turn it back on about an hour before he comes home. I don't think he realizes the difference. Except for the few days i forget... then i get lectured about how much more electricity it sucks trying to cool things back down again. I think he'll live.

While i'm super happy about the warm weather, i'm sad it's been so dang rainy and the days it isn't raining, it's over 80 degrees so it isn't exactly the best time to bring little Miss for a walk. I hope this bi-polar weather chills out soon. I miss seeing the sun and being able to actually enjoy it rather than melt in it.

Jason and i have been talking about maybe looking into buying a house. It's not because either of us wants to move. It's because our upstairs neighbors drive us nuts. We've have had two different couples up there since we moved in and they both keep crazy hours and i swear they wear combat boots filled with rocks around the house. Sometimes i can picture a foot coming through my ceiling.

It will be a long process to find financing and a house that isn't falling to pieces with the right amount of space but i'm sure we can do it. We aren't going to actively look. Just keep an eye open and see what we can afford and if it works out, then we will put our shoulder to the wheel and get going. We don't really need more space at the moment but it would be nice to not have to worry about our neighbors and have an extra bedroom just in case. Besides, i'm pretty sure we aren't done having kids. :)

I've been in a super crafty mood lately. I really want to make things. I want to paint again (if the paints weren't awful expensive... gosh. $10 for a tube of oil paint!?) I want to finish the two quilts i made the tops for. So since i don't have a sewing machine here or $160 to get myself some new paints and canvas, i drew a little. I loved to draw as a child but somehow grew out of it as an adult. I just didn't have the patience and it seemed all my friends in high school were leagues ahead of me in that department. So i kind of put it on a shelf for a while and forgot about it. The other day, i took out a sketch book and drew my camera. It isn't perfect. And it isn't proportional. i drew it in pen. Wanna know why? Because drawing in pen is a commitment. You can't erase a line and draw it again 5 million times until it's just perfect. You have to make a mark and live with it. And i'm proud of that funny looking drawing. I made a commitment and stuck to it. It was a wonderful little life lesson.

Christmas is still ever present in my mind. I would like to start to gather things for Christmas presents. I think i want to make things this year rather than buy things but i can't narrow down what i'd like to make. Homemade potholders? Ornaments? Lap quilts? Perhaps those mason jars full of dry ingredients for cookies? I have a lot of thinking to do and should probably try to line up some odd jobs between now and the end of July to make sure i have the extra cash to cover my materials. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I'm open to trying anything. I really want this year to be super special because it's not only Noella's first Christmas but the first Christmas Jason is going to spend with his family in a long time. I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to make everything just perfect but i think you guys understand.

Noella has a best friend. His name is Gentle Giraffe. Mema and Popop bought him for her before she was born. He's been by her side during nap time for almost every nap in her lifetime. He helps soothe her to sleep at night and even plays some fun songs for playtime. Lately, he's been traveling with her too. He was attached to her crib always faithfully awaiting her return but i took him with her this past Saturday over to Gammy and Papa's house. Jason and I left Noella in the loving care of Madam. Now one thing you need to know about that girl is that she doesn't like her car seat. She finds it very constricting to be strapped in. I put the giraffe in with her, turned it on and she was pleasant as can be the whole ride over. She even slept for about 20 minutes after getting there. It was magical. She snuggles him for nap time because his head is small enough that it doesn't push against her nose but can hold in her binky (with is a blessing and a curse...) So now, we don't go anywhere without him. She hugs him and sucks on his little... uhm.. paws? Legs? Whatever they are. His plush stumps. He makes her giggle and smile. She has even figured out that if she hits his back, she can turn him on. He was the best present we ever got. So thank you Mema for letting P

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm obsessed with...

This hat.

Thank you thank you Mema! You always seem to find the cutest things!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bath Time and rolling over

Noella loves bath time for the most part. I love giving her a bath because she's so curious and always surprised when i pour the water over her belly. She gets all sweet and snuggly afterwards when i'm carrying her all bundled up in her towel to get her dressed and lotioned up for the night. I love the way the bubble bath and lotion smells and i love her adoring looks and smiles. It makes for a wonderful end to a somewhat hectic day.

She was also on the verge of rolling over today. I was on my laptop downloading the latest batch of pictures when a rather excited Jason yells " Look Mommy!" I got up and turned around and there she was on her side reaching as far as she could for Jason. She ALMOST did it twice but she couldn't quite kick her leg over far enough. I'm excited but sad all at once. Excited because it's a major developmental milestone but i'm sad because it means she's getting old enough to make those milestones. It's going by too fast for me sometimes.

Also, LOOK!
Red-ish curly hair. :) It makes me so so happy. I have a girl with strawberry curls.

Lots of women in my family say that Noella acts a lot like i did when i was little. Super smiley and talkative and too nosey for my own good. I suppose it's only fair that i get a turn with a little Miss Chatterbox!

I'm finally taking some nicer pictures with my camera. It just took some playing around with and some patience.

Ta da!

Life this week is good even if my dishes are piled in the sink. I'm going to go eat ice cream and watch a trashy movie with my Mister.