Monday, June 13, 2011

Bath Time and rolling over

Noella loves bath time for the most part. I love giving her a bath because she's so curious and always surprised when i pour the water over her belly. She gets all sweet and snuggly afterwards when i'm carrying her all bundled up in her towel to get her dressed and lotioned up for the night. I love the way the bubble bath and lotion smells and i love her adoring looks and smiles. It makes for a wonderful end to a somewhat hectic day.

She was also on the verge of rolling over today. I was on my laptop downloading the latest batch of pictures when a rather excited Jason yells " Look Mommy!" I got up and turned around and there she was on her side reaching as far as she could for Jason. She ALMOST did it twice but she couldn't quite kick her leg over far enough. I'm excited but sad all at once. Excited because it's a major developmental milestone but i'm sad because it means she's getting old enough to make those milestones. It's going by too fast for me sometimes.

Also, LOOK!
Red-ish curly hair. :) It makes me so so happy. I have a girl with strawberry curls.

Lots of women in my family say that Noella acts a lot like i did when i was little. Super smiley and talkative and too nosey for my own good. I suppose it's only fair that i get a turn with a little Miss Chatterbox!

I'm finally taking some nicer pictures with my camera. It just took some playing around with and some patience.

Ta da!

Life this week is good even if my dishes are piled in the sink. I'm going to go eat ice cream and watch a trashy movie with my Mister.

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