Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The skinny

So you remember this post? About how I needed to learn to eat to live and not live to eat?

Well, here's my check in.

So far, I've felt as though I've made some better choices. Not great choices everyday but I didn't get to this size over night and  I can't expect myself to change dramatically otherwise it will become an unhealthy obsession.

I've realized that as much "fun" as I had using that calorie counter on my phone, I was literally going crazy using it. If I went over my daily caloric intake of 1510 calories my self worth went down the tube and I spiraled out of control for a few days because "I couldn't do it" and was a "failure". So I've stopped using it all together and I've realized I'm actually thinking about eating less. I'm eating smaller portions and drinking more water. (Thanks to a certain favorite pink tumbler with straw for $2 from the dollar store)

I'm making slow but sure progress. I've gone from 305 at the beginning of the year to 289 as of Sunday. Slow but sure progress. I've noticed the changes in my body and how my clothing fits. It gets me excited. It gives me hope that I'm getting somewhere. 

Now please enjoy a wonderful video of Noella attempting to jump. Just because it's darn cute. 

On being a mama

It's hard.

Flat out hard.

And to be perfectly honest, there are some days that I want to throw in the towel because I feel like I mentally can't handle being asked for the umpteenth time for a turn on the iPad when she's already used her time for that day. Or because she's told me she's hungry and has turned down/spit out/cried over all the choices I've given her.

But then there are these magical moments where she comes up just for a kiss and to tell me she loves me. Or when she's done something for the first time like figured out how to eat her potatoes without flicking them onto the floor.

Those magical moments make it all worth it.

And now for some magical moment pictures.

P.s. That darling babe is wearing undies and peeing in the BIG potty now. I couldn't be more proud. :) 

Monday, May 6, 2013

bright eyed.

I took this series of shots one morning after finding Noella standing on her bed looking out of the window at the garbage trucks. Once she saw my camera there was some bribery and coercion to finish the photos though... that girl will do almost anything for a little treat.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


There's been a lot of naked biscuits around lately.

I don't particularly mind though because they are awfully cute.

That's right. My babe is out of diapers. Kind of. She uses one at night and one for naptime. Woohoo!

It's been a long process and we still aren't finished because she wants to take her time and some days she just doesn't wanna. but I'm trying to be flexible and supportive of her choices.

Flexible and supportive means that she gets a day in diapers if she asks for it because to be honest, those are the days that she woke up cranky and isn't showing any signs of changing her attitude any time soon.

Flexible and supportive means that if she doesn't want to use the big potty right now I let her do her business in her little pink potty and dutifully clean it after every use.

Flexible and supportive means that some days she has accidents and I don't make a big deal about it but make sure to thank her for letting me know she's peed on the carpet in her room because she couldn't get to her potty fast enough.

Flexible and supportive also means that she gets to be bare buns because she can't pull her underwear down fast enough nor does she have the patience to let me do it before she needs to potty.

We have only tried one outing without a diaper on. Noella made it almost the whole time dry. She asked for the potty while we were in the frozen food section and with the 200ft dash from there to the bathroom, there was no way she was going to make it. It was a good thing I had thought to bring extra clothes. We will have to try again some time soon. I think she will do better if I can get her to use the big potty on a regular basis without bribes. That's something to work on! 

But seriously. I'm excited you guys. I'm only having to deal with two diapers a day and we've only had 4 accidents in the past month. She's getting to be such a big big girl.