Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The skinny

So you remember this post? About how I needed to learn to eat to live and not live to eat?

Well, here's my check in.

So far, I've felt as though I've made some better choices. Not great choices everyday but I didn't get to this size over night and  I can't expect myself to change dramatically otherwise it will become an unhealthy obsession.

I've realized that as much "fun" as I had using that calorie counter on my phone, I was literally going crazy using it. If I went over my daily caloric intake of 1510 calories my self worth went down the tube and I spiraled out of control for a few days because "I couldn't do it" and was a "failure". So I've stopped using it all together and I've realized I'm actually thinking about eating less. I'm eating smaller portions and drinking more water. (Thanks to a certain favorite pink tumbler with straw for $2 from the dollar store)

I'm making slow but sure progress. I've gone from 305 at the beginning of the year to 289 as of Sunday. Slow but sure progress. I've noticed the changes in my body and how my clothing fits. It gets me excited. It gives me hope that I'm getting somewhere. 

Now please enjoy a wonderful video of Noella attempting to jump. Just because it's darn cute. 

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