Sunday, January 22, 2012

this little peanut...

is a whopping 10 months old.
Doesn't that blow your mind? It blows mine. Into smithereens.
Wasn't it just yesterday we brought her home and she was barely big enough for her car seat? (the poor thing was schlumped over the whole ride home...)
She's a fiesty one i tell ya. Attitude ALL the time. And if it isn't attitude, it's a sweet cuddly squidgy little bundle of pure joy. You'd think my 10 month old was going through puberty...
She can now:
Feed herself anything and everything. This also means she eats whatever cherrios end up on the floor after breakfast before i can get to them during her nap.
She can cruise on the furniture. (for those un-saavy in the mom-lingo this means she can walk while holding onto the furniture)
She makes the most incredible G sounds. It's her letter on repeat at the moment.
She also likes to talk to her toys while playing.
She loves to dance and oh how she giggles when you sing!
She can say Mama but only when she's STARVING (because clearly, she is never fed...) or when she's really upset.
She also can identify AND ask for, did i say ASK? no. DEMAND a "bah-bah".
She can reach under the couch after lost toys.
She is also an incredible mooch and wants whatever you're eating even if she just had a full jar of veggies, half a jarred dinner and a handful of puffs.
The other day it really hit me that in a mere 2 months, i will officially have a 1 year old and then it's off to toddler-dom. DUH DUH DUH DUHHHHHHHN!
Baby girl is so so big... She amazes me everyday and though she is awfully test-y and i threaten to trade her in for this year's model, i think we'll keep her. For now.

Friday, January 13, 2012


That is the sound i hear more often than i'd like while walking through my kitchen lately.

the cheerios have invaded. with gusto.

Noella loves feeding herself but (much like yours truly) doesn't like eating anything too sticky or too cold or too slimy with her hands so it seems like she is constantly munching on cheerios in between bites of food.

These cheerios scattered on her tray quickly become scattered in her lap and subsequently, scattered on my floor when i pick her up. She is so much better than she first was though. Most of them get to her mouth but i can still go into my kitchen at any time of the day and find at least 6 on the floor in places you wouldn't expect those suckers to get to. Such as in front of the bathroom, underneath my chair or waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy over by the trashcan.

I feel as though the broom has become my 3rd arm lately.

The joys of having an independent eater!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas-y photos!

Here are the photos I promised. I call these Christmas-y photos because not all of them were taken ON Christmas day.

Christmas jammies on Christmas morning.

opening gifts. she was THRILLED with her Pooh bear from Mema.

Christmas cards!

Tupper Family photos on January 1st


Friday, January 6, 2012


There are moments as a mother that you wish you could just stop time. Freeze it so as to hold onto this moment a little longer. As Noella is getting older I find myself wanting to put life on pause more and more and it kind of breaks my heart. I realize this tiny creature isn't so tiny anymore. She's getting so big and independent. She is developing her own personality and not relying on me as much as she did as a tiny newborn. She will be 10 months in only 14 days. Where oh where is this first year going?