Friday, January 13, 2012


That is the sound i hear more often than i'd like while walking through my kitchen lately.

the cheerios have invaded. with gusto.

Noella loves feeding herself but (much like yours truly) doesn't like eating anything too sticky or too cold or too slimy with her hands so it seems like she is constantly munching on cheerios in between bites of food.

These cheerios scattered on her tray quickly become scattered in her lap and subsequently, scattered on my floor when i pick her up. She is so much better than she first was though. Most of them get to her mouth but i can still go into my kitchen at any time of the day and find at least 6 on the floor in places you wouldn't expect those suckers to get to. Such as in front of the bathroom, underneath my chair or waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy over by the trashcan.

I feel as though the broom has become my 3rd arm lately.

The joys of having an independent eater!

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