Puddin' Pop

A little about me. I'm a redhead and am therefore feisty. I'm a mama of two little girls who are vastly different in demeanor. I'm really passionate about women becoming educated about childbirth, pregnancy, nursing and their health in general. I've had two vastly different birthing experiences myself and love to chat about them to anyone who wants to hear. I'm also a part time photographer and few things outside of home life bring me more joy than being able to capture moments in life for families to treasure. 

I married the Mister September 18th of 2010. We've been living in wedded bliss ever since. He's fantastic. 

 March of 2011 we welcomed our Miss. She makes our little world spin round. She truly is the best thing to ever have happened to us.

January of 2015 brought this tiny turkey into our lives. She needs a lot of snuggles and loves to be able to see everything going on around her. She hates to sleep. 

Things I like: Sunshine, surprises (though I'm horrible at waiting to find out what they are), editing photos late at night, dark chocolate with almonds.  

Things I do not like: having cold feet (which is almost always) . 

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