Thursday, August 20, 2015

7 months... and a half

Turkey! You're 7 and a half months old!

You can;
feed yourself most things
crawl like a champ
kneel by yourself
laugh almost as if on cue at the mere sight of your sister
babble 'Dadadada!'. a LOT.
Sometimes put yourself to sleep.
Can find your pacifier and put it back in most mornings to give me a few extra minutes to pry my eyes open.

This past month you've grown a lot. You learned to sit up in your cradle two days before you officially turned 7 months so we had to scramble to get your crib painted and ready. It made me sad to see that cradle get tucked away so soon but you've got big plans apparently and need to be super mobile to do them!

The first time i put you in your crib my heart jumped a bit. It reminded me that even though you outgrew the use of your cradle, you are still so little. I just sometimes wish YOU would remember you're still little. You're in an awful rush little lady. 

You love your high chair. And i love to see you in it. Especially when you're using your chubby little hands to feed yourself. You love love love to eat whatever anyone else is. We tried avocado again and you loved it so much you yelled in anger when you had eaten it all. 


Ever since you were a newborn you have liked to kick and rub your feet together when you're really concentrating on something or super mad. You still do it. It drives both me and your dad crazy. 

Because you've finally gotten the whole crawling thing down you, my darling, are like a Visa card. You're everywhere i want to be. Underfoot constantly. You just need to know where i am at all times or you get so so sad. You never take long to find me in the kitchen and your favorite thing to do is to try to eat my legs while i'm cooking or washing dishes. It's a good thing we have a tiny kitchen or you'd get accidentally trampled! 


Did i forget to mention you have two tiny razor like teeth now? They're still growing in but they're certainly there. And you don't let me forget it! Luckily you haven't really bitten me while nursing yet. Mostly because you're so busy looking around these days you can't be bothered to slow down for a full nursing session without you being super duper starving. Those big eyes of yours get the best of you! 

If i open the vertical blinds in the kitchen you crawl back and forth along the length of the slider observing the outdoors like a caged lion. You're pacing just waiting for the day that you get to explore the outdoors and try some of that tasty looking grass. (We both know you're going to try to eat some. Every kid does at least a few times) 

You've also just become so so much fun lately. You're happy and smiley at strangers and at night before you nurse for the last time you get so so giddy that nearly anything will have you in stitches. My favorite moment of the day is when Noella notices you're giggly and makes funny noises and faces at you just to make you laugh. You love love love it. Then you try to pull her hair and she runs away. Which makes you laugh again.

We're so delighted and joyed by you little turkey. We can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

We all love you.

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