Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Oh Madeline Louise. You're half a year old. Six whole months.

It's breaking my heart in the best ways.

You're so strong willed and determined to do/have/get what you want.

You still demand to be held as often as you can. I've taken to wearing you on my back now that you've got great head control. You're pretty pleased as long as I'm not standing in one spot for too long. (I have to sway while i wash dishes or you start to whine and pull my hair.)

You've started to ride in a shopping cart like a big girl. I make sure to pack some things around you though because if you get excited about something you have this bad habit of stiffening up and throwing yourself in a random direction and I'm afraid of you hitting your little head. You lasted almost a whole shopping trip through Sams club without me holding you.

Speaking of holding, you're getting better about letting Daddy hold you when i'm around. Though if you're the tiniest bit hungry or tired you start this high pitched whine and dive bomb in my direction if you see me. If i stay out of sight you're fine, so I'll admit I sometimes finding excuses to be in another room so Daddy can get some time with you too. 

You bring that man SO much joy and you always seem to happy when he calls you his 'Turk Turklestein'. (Because your nickname happens to be Turkey and so we like to come up with variations to change it up sometimes)

Quite often I get the 'I'm SO over this Mom' look. You seem unimpressed by a lot of new experiences.You're pretty stoic until you form an definitive opinion. Very much unlike your sister and I who approach everything with a smile. You like to think about things and take your time. 

Most mornings when I go in your room to get you I'm greeted by half your little face popped up over the side of your cradle. It makes me sad because it means you're that much closer to outgrowing it. I LOVE that cradle and as soon as you start to pull yourself up on things we have to ditch it for the big crib. It's vintage and so easy for me to get you into when you're sleeping and I don't have to break my ribs leaning over the side to put you into it. Please stay uninterested in learning to stand a bit longer. 

You've started to sit up on your own more often though you still prefer to lay down. I keep the boppy around you just in case yous stiffen up and i can't catch you in time.

You also LOVE to eat. You have some trouble with textures just like Daddy and big Sis but you never refuse food. You've tried avocado, peaches, apples, blueberries, banana, carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes, squash, oatmeal, sourdough toast, green beans, strawberries and you've loved them ALL. So much that if you see me eating and you're on the floor, you turn yourself to face me and whimper straight up sad puppy style. It's so sad and so cute. 

You're STILL in 0-3 month clothing except for jammies. You're finally too tall for the 0-3 month jammies. I'm starting to rotate some of the smaller 3-6 month things we have into your wardrobe but most of the things we've tried look silly because they just hang off of you. I'm thankful you're small though. It's stretching out the amount of time you can wear what we have for you that much longer before i have to start shopping again. You've started to FINALLY fill out with some lovely delicious rolls and you've got quite the double chin going too. I love it. I really really do. I struggled with you being on the skinny side for a long time but you're catching up a bit and it's marvelous.

You can scoot pretty efficiently. But... backwards. Like... on your back. With a creepy gonna-break-your-neck back bed. But it gets you where you want to go for the most part. You get stuck on the corners of the couches or under them sometimes. 

I'm glad you haven't officially started to crawl yet. I thought for sure by now you would be but please keep waiting. It's making keeping track of you that much easier. I have a feeling that once you start really moving you'll be impossible to stop. 

You still light up with uncontrollable smiles and giggles and wiggles whenever Noella comes near you. I never tire to see how much you love her. Her favorite thing to do lately it to rescue you from the tile. She grabs your little feet and carefully tugs you back onto the carpet. Then you scoot right back off again in sheer delight of her presence. 

You've taught me to really slow down in the past month. To let us eat easy meals more often and to snuggle more. Your love for me is still all consuming and sometimes still sucks the life out of me but i'm thankful everyday for you. 

I love you my tiny Turkey and i'm excited for the next 6 months. 

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