Friday, August 3, 2012


It's funny to think about all the things I was weirded out by before becoming a mom. One of the biggest was when children would kiss their parents on the mouth. It just seemed weird to me because in my mind a kiss on the mouth is an intimate moment to be shared with your significant other.

Noella has been big on affection lately and so that includes lots of smooches. Her favorite places include but are not limited to: My cheeks, mouth, hair, legs and shoulders.

Most of the time if she's walking around I can lean over and say Noella, can I have a smooch and with a big grin she toddles on over and happily obliges with a big, wet, open mouthed kiss smack dab on my mouth complete with a little lick at the end. It melts my heart because she's as happy to give me lovin' as I am to recieve it.

As time as gone on I've accepted that the whole mouth on mouth thing is just how it's done when you're a wee one and that it probably stems from the fact that there are days that I ask demand for more than just a few pecks from the Mister right in front of her. (how embarassing is it going to be for her in 7 years!?)

I adore that little one and the joy she brings to my heart seems to never ever end.

And so I leave you with your very own Noella kiss and hope you find something to melt your hear today too.

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