Thursday, July 12, 2012

Florida Life

Thus far Florida life has been an adventure. One that's full of heat, humidity, large flying bugs and sunshine in our eyeballs. That sentence just made it sound kind of miserable didn't it? Well, fear not lovely readers! It has been the opposite of miserable. It's been grand. 

I mean, first off, we have a house. A freaking stand alone HOUSE people. That in and of itself is miraculous.

 See? Isn't it so super cute? And yes, that SUV is ours. Long gone are the days of the crappy Contour may he rest in pieces... erhm... peace. 

This is our Magnolia tree. The only reason I know it's a magnolia tree is that there was one lonely blossom the day we signed the lease. 

Here's a little update on the Nut which I know is really the reason you read this blog. 

 She is fabulous as ever. The two pictures of her in her knickers are from a weekend visit we made to NH a few weeks ago. I was the photographer for a friend's wedding. She was the reason everyone wanted to talk to me.
She is still super enthused by books and squishes any stuffed animal she can lay her hands on. 
She is starting to figure out how to eat a fork which is a big big deal for us because it really does mean toddlerdom. 

She is tall enough to reach things off the kitchen table and most other tables we own. She still has a few inches to go until she can reach the counters thank heavens. 
She loves taking out the pots and pans and banging them all over my tile floors. (Oh the noise that child can make!)
She can also climb onto the couch by herself and is working on the kitchen chairs. A very very scary skill that climbing is! She gets onto the couch and then stands up and runs back and forth on it. I do not like that Sam-I-Am. We're working on learning that couches are for sitting and not for climbing but there's only so much reasoning you can do with a 15 month old. 

She loves to swim in Aunt Becky's pool but only without any flotation device. Heaven help us if we try to put even a water wing on that child at this point. It's scary and wonderful at the same time. Scary because she loves to be under water almost as much as she loves to be in it. 
She has started to throw some magnificent tantrums if she can't get her way complete with the "you-can't-move-me-because-I-have-no-bones" trick. She certainly is my daughter. 

She continues to be super social and still seems to think everyone every where we go is somehow there just for her. It's kind of charming but also scary because she will go to pretty much anyone. 

One last  Noella talent. Whenever she sees a picture of herself she says "Mama" and if you ask her who it is, she'll point to herself. It may be coincidence at this age but it's so charming. 

Jason is doing wonderfully at his new job. He is not a fan of the commute home but who would be when they commute home is double plus some from his commute into work? He continues to melt anytime we are outdoors but he seems to be adjusting the best he can. 

I have been enjoying mornings of sleeping in past 8am (A big thanks to the Peanut!) and getting the house in order. I have also decided that I am NOT a fan of tile because 1) you can feel/see the dirt every where you step and 2) it takes 3 steps to clean my floors now. I have to sweep, then dry mop and then actually mop my floors to get them clean. The result is amazing but what a pain in the keaster! 

I am also getting to the point once again that I think I can pick up school where I left off before the move which is exciting and intimidating for me. It will probably be another month before I can start the paperwork for classes again but I'm slowly getting there. 

That's all for now folks! 

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  1. great to read a post from you! and glad to hear everyone is settling into FL life! sounds like quite the change. :) all the best!