Thursday, June 7, 2012


So it's been a long while since I've posted anything and for that, I apologize. There have been some BIG changes in the past few weeks. The biggest one being that we now reside in the sunshine state.

(Don't mind the fact that I obviously stole this from the internet and it not only doesn't have our names but it has someone else's address as well) 

That's right folks. We've moved to Florida! We have dear friends who re-located down here last year for a new job and coincidentally this year the very same company was in need of an awesome and super talented customer service guy to work the help desk and voila! Jason had a job offer.

The reason I haven't really mentioned all this change before was, well, literally we had been talking for a good long while without any progress so it seemed stupid to mention something that wasn't coming any time soon and then once it did, we literally picked up and moved 1,299 miles away in a matter of two weeks. It's been a whirlwind I tell ya but it seems to have worked out just fine indeed.

We're currently staying with the aforementioned dear friends in Mount Plymouth until we can find our own little home. Which, might I add, we think we may have found yesterday evening but more to come on that when we find out whether or not we actually get it.

Noella adores Florida thus far. I think we swam everyday the first week we were here. That made her day. She ADORES the water which of course tickles me pink.

Besides the oppressive humidity and occasional 93 degree day life in Florida has been lovely. It's rained quite a bit but as I'm told this is kind of like Florida's winter. It's too hot or rainy to do much of anything outside so most of your days are spent indoors or running from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned store and back to the car to get home to central air. I can't say I'm complaining though. :) 

Well, I'm off to grab the angel of a girl who has been sleeping in until almost 10am most mornings for a wonderful adventure with Becky and Caden.

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