Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 This child never fails to crush my heart into a pulp every day.

Everyday is something new. A new word, an new skill, something she's finally figured out how to play with. She's an ever changing little ball of energy and 90% of the time I wish I could push the pause button. But at the same time, I marvel at her accomplishments and how quickly she's progressing in this wild world. She doesn't miss a tick and is so interested in every move I make. She sweeps the floor and will wipe down the coffee table for me if I give her a damp cloth. She can blocks 5 high and has an ever expanding curiosity for whatever I'm doing in the kitchen. She even pretends to cook with a wisk and my pots and pans.

She's going to be 18 months in 16 days for heavens sake. That's just over 2 weeks. What happened to this tiny one? 

Now she's off and doing things like this: 

She swims by herself now and has so many important things to tell me all day long. She even can carry on a conversation on the phone for crying out loud. She will play for a while and then wander over to me with a purpose, pat me on the lap and then babble something in a completely serious tone. She always waits for a response before she wanders away again. 

She has also developed quite the personality. This picture was taken today of her wearing her Daddy's socks. She even wants to pick out her own clothes. Whether or not they actually fit. I can't wait until she actually starts to dress herself. Oh the outfits this child is going to create.

She's breaking my heart with every new adventure but no one can stop progress so I'm trying my darndest to capture every moment of it.

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