Friday, September 21, 2012

One Point Five

Yesterday the Miss officially turned 18 months old.

I didn't blog about it on the actual day because well, the time seemed to have gotten away from me between figuring out what on earth she's whining for now and cleaning up the saucy disaster that penne and meatballs was I just wanted to flop into bed and not come out for a while.

Baby girl is a year and a half old now! And independent! And talking!

Yikes. This child needs to slow things down a bit or else.

She has words now. Many words. It's empowering for her but also so very frustrating. I can see in her eyes when she has something really important to express but can't get it together to tell me. That's where the whining comes in but we're working on using our words and she seems to be getting it.

She can say:
don't touch

I'm sure I'm missing one or two but that list is pretty impressive for a wee one.

Her love for books has suddenly returned with gusto and she will often come over with a book whether or not I'm in the middle of doing something, reach for my hand and place it on the book and then reach for me. She's rather demanding. Much of our day is spent with her by my side needing to know exactly what I'm doing and why.

She is starting to become more curious about the potty and will actually go into the bathroom and put her little seat onto the toilet and then wait for me to come in and strip her down. Most of the time there isn't anything that  happens but the desire she has to do it has got to be a good sign right?

Noella is also just starting to figure out how to shake her head yes. It has me rather excited because it's hard to interpret which no actually means yes most of the time.

She still LOVES to dance. She is starting to sing along with songs she knows. It makes me giggle a little bit because when I was little I sang all the time whether or not music was on. When we're cleaning in the afternoon I'll turn on a music channel and she dances around the house with a damp cloth swiping it on anything she pleases. (Yes, my 18 month old cleans with me. But mostly it's just to keep her entertained too.)

Mostly, she's just a super sweet and super smart little one who loves to climb on everything. She still will come over and lay her head on me or ask to be held so she can snuggle me for a moment. It can be a rough job raising a toddler but  it's moments like these that make the hard days worth it.

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