Monday, April 30, 2012


The Miss is quickly morphing into a fully fledged toddler. She no longer smells like a baby. She has taken on that odd toddler smell of left over snacks with a whiff of milk. She throws tantrums when she's told no. Especially when Daddy says no. She refuses foods (and by foods I mean anything green that is not directly from our plates). She will take a bit but then spit it out again. All. Over. My. Floors.

Look at that girl. Clearly baby-dom is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

It has also brought on some great and glorious changes too. She is more independent during the day. She wants to walk everywhere by herself. She is attempting to repeat words. She can say duck and tries hard to say quack. She's also starting to pick up the word no.

With Daddy at the beach
Miss Independent at the Aquarium
 We have been having great adventures lately too. We've gone into Boston to the Aquarium and on a duck boat tour. We play outside with some local friends when the weather is nice. When she wants to go bye-bye she grabs her shoes and walks around with them or whatever jacket happens to be still unhung from the last adventure and throws it over her head in an attempt to put it on. She really loves to get up and go lately.

This is Dahlia. They were fighting over the sand rake because clearly it's the only toy to use in the sandbox. 

It took Noella a while to finally warm up to the swings. I'm so glad she did though.
All these changes lately have been so fast that it's hard to keep up with her. I am feeling a little more frazzled by the end of the day and I can see it's wearing on Jason too when 2/3 of her dinner is on the floor or when we've had to remove her from playing with the wires under his desk for the 15th time in an hour. Who knew that this much independence could lead to so much more stress? 

I keep telling myself that this is for a short time and that in a year from now when I look back I'll laugh because this stress, these worries, these were the easy ones.

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  1. I think you're right about that last sentence. although, sometimes, it doesn't really help me feel better when I'm vacuuming the floor for the 4th time of the day. lol. but I'm trying, too, to let most of it roll off my back. mostly, I love how much ruby is able to understand and communicate with me now. it's making things much easier in a lot of ways. but, like you, I've got an little ms independent on my hands. good luck to us both! :)