Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Miss sure is an adventurous little one. It's often hard to keep up with her even at our own house. As she's gaining new skills and becoming more and more fearless she's been getting herself into some very interesting predicaments that I am often called into to save her from. Here are some recent favorites.

She has always enjoyed perching on Daddy's computer tower while searching for something fun on his desk. Now she just sits on top of it banging on the keyboard. 

She has been able to climb onto the loveseat for a while now but recently discovered the pillows move. She got her feet stuck under the seat cushions. 

And she also gets stuck on the top as she's becoming a rather skilled mountain climber. 

She climbs into her basket of books but there just isn't enough room to get them out to read. 

Another favorite game is to climb into her toy box and then one by one take all of her toys out and throw them on the floor. We've started having her very own clean up time since I'm so over this game. 

She just figured out how to move her closet doors to get inside. There are lots of things to climb on in there. Not to mention lots of "new" toys. 

She has loved to playing with the entertainment center doors and for a long time it wasn't a problem until she figured out that if she yells really loudly it kind of echos back at her. This cannot be accomplished fully unless you are inside of the compartment. Clearly.

This my friends, is an act of desperation. Stinky Giraffe is a bed time only toy that she loves so dearly she wants him all the time. I forgot to move him away from the edge of the crib and walked into her room to catch her sucking on him through the bars. Right after this picture was taken she figured out how to slide him out. Now he's a frequent fugitive. 

Clearly I need to come up with new ways to entertain my child but I'm sure glad she's so darn curious. Nothing seems to hold her back for long and with her independent spirit, she's destined for greatness. Sometimes though, I wish her independent spirit didn't tell her to climb onto the coffee table and then try to dive off at me when I'm barely close enough to catch her. That lesson must be saved for another day. 

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