Saturday, March 3, 2012


I wanted to share some things that have brought joy into my life recently because everyone can use a moment of reflection now and then.

1. Noella. Simply put, she makes me smile no matter what. Even when she's screeching to be released from the horrible torture of her car seat. She cracks herself up constantly and gets so so excited when she's going holding a stuffed animal that she makes this little face and her whole body shakes with anticipation of snuggling it. Lately she does this thing where she crawls over to something she knows is forbidden (even after a very stern "Noella, No.") and without any eye contact attempts to touch it. With her hand on whatever it is she immediately looks at me and breaks into a smile. It's super duper cute. I just wish she wouldn't do it while trying to get to the light sockets...

2. Mister. Another obvious choice. But things have been particularly swell lately. He gives me so many bed time rubbin's on my sore knees or my lower back which seems to be in a constant state of ouch-iness. He also never ever fails to make me laugh with his uncanny ability to change lyrics to any song on a dime to suit the situation.

3. The times when the sunshine decides to finally fight the clouds. Oh how I wish we had more of these types of days! But I relish the few we do have.

4. The Christmas lights we left up on the wall behind the love seat. I love the light they give off because it's soft and romantic and reminds me of our wedding night. Besides, who doesn't need a constant reminder of the magic of Christmas?

5. Planning Noella's birthday. This year, that little girl is going to have at least 3 celebrations. Possibly 4. This has me tickled pink because it's a big deal. I know it shouldn't be a super big deal but I can't help but be excited by her triumph of her first whole year surviving me as a mom. Also, this may be her first and last birthday in NH but more to come on that later.

6. The constant state of chaos in my living room. When Noella is in bed and Mister and I have wound down a bit you'd think we'd be more motivated to enjoy the time we had with a picked up living room floor without all the obstacles/toys on it. No. We leave them there for Noella to find in the morning. It reminds me even when she's in bed that there is a baby here and some things are more important. (Like snuggling into bed early to watch Archer with the Mister)

7. My camera. I love that thing. (Thanks Mom and Daddy-o!) I don't think one day has gone by that I haven't either picked it up and taken pictures or learned more about how I can improve the future photos to be taken. I have come so far from where I was when I first picked it up and I'm so excited to see what new skills the future has in store for me.

8. My mountain of pillows. Okay. So here's the deal. Sleeping when I was pregnant was a monumental task. Well, not the actual sleeping part. The getting comfortable enough to get to sleep part took forever and a day. So I used pillows. I had them literally tucked all around me. And I kinda... got used to having a little pillow nest. So they never really left the bed. But I love having them to flop onto when getting into bed. They are comforting. And oh so soft.

9. Future plans. For those of you who have not yet heard, there is a plan set in motion for us to move yet again. But to the great state of Florida this time. Jason has a great opportunity to change careers and actually do something he enjoys so of course we're going to jump at it. We don't have a moving date yet but it's something we need to be ready for. That being said, I get to make plans and research possible towns to live in and what not and I LOVE doing it. It gets me all sorts of excited for a change this big.

10. Being home with Noella. I have to say, there are times that I miss working in the daycare but so much good has come from me quitting (even if had originally quit to get a different job insteads). Noella for the first time since October of last year is actually super healthy. No snot running, no puking, no fever, no diaper explosions. It's been so lovely to have a healthy little girl again. Not to mention all the play time we've logged lately AND the gratuitous amount of lovin's I get from that giggling ball of chaos.

There you have it. 10 points of joy in my life as of late.

Okay... 11... this picture brings a HUGE smile to my face. I love it.

What are some things that have brought YOU joy lately?

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