Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am beautiful project.

I found a link to a great photography project by Jill Samter. It's to get all those women who hide behind the camera in front of it and to teach them to revel in the true beauties they are.

I felt like I needed to do this after how I've been feeling lately. Though my inward thoughts are super positive and energetic, it seems like every time I look in the mirror all I can see are my flaws. My frizzy, unkempt hair. My super pale skin and lips. The ever darkening dark circles under my eyes. Motherhood is catching up with my looks. Or so it seems.

After having read the challenge to see myself as someone who was created wonderfully, perfectly and fearfully by God I took some time to stare at my reflection. I know. How vain!? But i'm the type of person that needs to sit with a problem and mull it over to find a solution.

You know what I saw? I saw a woman with big gorgeous eyes, freckles that reflect her childhood and a strong willed, young mother and wife who is determined.

I am beautiful. I am beautiful through the frizzy hair, the extra pounds on top of the extra that was already there. I am beautiful even if I don't wear makeup or get to do my hair. I am beautiful because I was created by God. He chose my features specifically for me. I am created in his image.

Now it's your turn. Go stare yourself down until you find that beauty through the "flaws" too.

YOU are SO beautiful.


  1. I have tried to find the beauty through the flaws. It just doesn't work.

  2. I always thought you were beautiful, but I may also be a little prejudiced.