Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tiny humans

Mine is 1 year old today.

I'm amazed. I have survived one whole year of being a mother. More importantly, she has survived one whole year of having me as her mom.

She's come so far from that tiny helpless little bundle. (Jason thought she looked like a pineapple with a baby head when we swaddled her. I kinda agree)

See? She was tiny and pineapple shaped when we brought her home.

And then she grew...

And grew...

and then grew some more despite all my protests.

What I find so incredible about this particular tiny human is that she is mine. She started out as two little cells that met by chance and now here we are 1 year and 9 months later.

She's walking (when she feels like it). and loves to babble. She can feed herself anything and everything and loves to be upside down. She has an infectious laugh that makes her wrinkle her nose. She hates getting her diaper changed or getting dressed. She loves bath time and would spend all night in the tub if we'd let her.

She loves music and dances all the time. She gets into everything but you can't really stay mad at her when she's ripped the covers of your favorite vintage paperbacks because just look at that face, she's so dang cute.

She has four teeth on the top and is currently working on #3 and 4 on the bottom too. She also feels as though everything needs to be taken out of containers or slid off of tables and strewn across the floor. This makes for a cluttered home but I'm glad to see she's found something that makes her so happy.

Look at the difference one year makes:

I'm so glad that little spirit chose us. I'm so glad we have her! I can't imagine our little life without her. I can't think of any better way to spend my days than playing with this tiny human. She makes life just that much more sunshine-y.

Happy happy birthday little Noella Kathrine. We love you oodles and oodles.

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  1. I bet you are a fantastic mom! She sure is a cutie and seems so happy! Happy 1st Birthday!!!