Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Mister was listening to a Destiny's Child song and this was the conversation that ensued at the end of the song.

Jason: "This song was from their first album way back in 1999"

Me: "Wow. That IS a long time ago..."

Jason: "Yeah. Ya know back when I was in college and you were 10."

Oh how I love laughing at the age difference between the Mister and I!


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  2. (sorry - accidentally deleted my comment above!) anyway...
    the hubs and i always joke about this kinda stuff, too. (he's about 8 years older than i am - i'm 28.) we've noticed over the years that it's only when discussing pop culture references that our age gap is glaring. lol. like when he was partyin' it up in a club to a song that i was dancing to at my 8th grade dance. :) glad to see others have the same experience. it's too funny!