Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eleventh Month

Ho-LY COW! She's almost a year. And I know I've said almost since she was like... 9 months but she really truely IS almost a year. Just 4 short little weeks left of baby-dom until she moves into Toddler-dom. I'm the mommy of an almost toddler.

Seeing as it's been almost a year now I can't help but re-living the last weeks of carrying that tiny girl inside me. I've been thinking a lot lately about what it was like for me to want nothing more than to hold that little squiggly girl in my arms instead of my tummy and now, now I'd almost give anything to be back there again. This year has gone by too fast.

This little Peanut is nonetheless progressing. Always progressing. Upward and Onward!

She loves to self feed and has found a favorite food she can't stuff enough of into her chubby little cheeks. It's my homemade Mac and Cheese. I made it the other night and she was literally picking up one piece after another until her tray was empty and her cheeks were at almost full capacity. It was stinkin cute.

She also no longer likes to be spoon fed. This means we've had to get creative and make sure that there is enough food on our plates that she can also mooch. She's eaten pretzles and yogurt bites and green beans and peanut butter sandwiches and whatever we happen to be eating.

Wow is she independent! She holds her own bottle and drinks from a sippy cup and even has figured out that whole stiff as a board trick to getting out of our laps when she's had enough of us holding her.

She's given up on the trick of walking a few steps. Now she immediately sits down when we let go of her but in a more controlled way so she doesn't shake our house. She's still cruising away and pulling up on anything that will hold her and a few things that won't like my beloved ancient pj bottoms. (Yes I've almost flashed the neighbors a few times because of her enthusiasm for standing)

She also loves to babble and coo and laugh and has suddenly become very affectionate. She also crawls over to us to lay her head in our laps with a loving sigh in between her rounds with the furniture.

And just look at this picture. How darling is she helping with the laundry?

Ok. She wasn't really helping. More like sitting in the rolling basket chewing on Gammy's phone with my hot on but sooooo cute!
How I love this Peanut!

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  1. Ahhh 11 months! Eryn she is adorable! And getting so big!! Almost 1 year...any birthday ideas? Ohhh how exciting! =)