Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I found this picture hanging out somewhere in a dark corner in a forgotten folder of my hard drive. I don't know why I haven't ever shared it because it makes my heart so happy.  It will always remind me of  the year spent in our apartment in Jaffrey NH. It is of our bathroom window. It was taken after a few days of rain when the sun finally came out just before sunset. That apartment will always hold a special place in my heart. Its the place where my babe learned to roll over and took her first steps. The apartment with the 4 sets of stairs to get up into the second floor. It's the first place I felt like was our family home even though it wasn't the apartment we brought Noella home from the hospital to.

I miss that apartment. Well, parts of it. I miss the old charm of the place with it's wooden floors and trim. I miss the glass doorknobs on every door. I miss the ironing board hiding behind that long skinny door next to the bathroom. I miss that there were two parks walking distance from us and that the world's best turkey grinders were only two minutes away if I should have a hankering for one.

That place had character. Though we had noisy neighbors and were constantly tracking sand in, we had so many wonderful memories in that place. It's where the missionaries came by every week to talk sports with Jason. It's where we fell into a perfectly predictable weekly routine. It's where Jason left the house at 7:45 am and walked back through the door at 4:34 pm everyday.

Today, I'm missing our cozy little life in New Hampshire. Even though our life in Florida has brought us so many blessings, I'm missing the familiar.

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