Saturday, January 26, 2013


If having a toddler has taught me anything, it's the time is precious and sometimes you need to stop and take a minute. After all, wasn't it just yesterday that dirt covered girl was a precious newborn babe?

She reminds me to look at things and really see them. I feel like as we grow up, we tend to take things for granted such as the trees or seeing a neighbor walking their dog. We look but we don't see.

 Noella is constantly pointing to things and shouting enthusiastically. Moon! Bird! Payne! (Plane. We have lots of those flying over our house) Most of the time we are walking to somewhere so I give her a little "yes, that's a bird honey. Very good" and keep on trucking. But yesterday it hit me how much she loves to see those sorts of things. They are all still relatively new to her. She is still captivated by looking into the sky and seeing the moon hanging up there or a flock of birds as the glide and twist with the wind. How often do I stand outside and stare off into the sky for the sake of seeing what's there? Almost never. Because I'm an adult. And adults, well, we just already know what's up there. We learned when we were young and now we're so over it and moved on. We have mortgages and groceries and electric bills to worry about after all. 

How much are we missing out on because we aren't taking a moment to "take it all in"? A lot I think. We take things for granted because they always have been there and will continue to be pretty much the same until we die. Like the moon. But golly is it gorgeous hanging in  a dusky sky. And the mostly bare trees twisting ever upward to the sky? Breath taking. So this week, I dare you. Take a moment and think like a toddler. Pretend everything is new. Study the patterns the ants make on the sidewalk or just stare at the moon for 10 minutes and imagine you can see every single crater. It will make all your other problems seem insignificant and the world might seem a bit shinier for it.

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