Friday, January 4, 2013

Holy Neglected Blog Batman!

So yet again, life has gotten the best of me and my poor blog has been neglected as I march on through this parade we call life.

Well, a lot has happened since October. We've have not one but two visits from grandparents, we've survived our first Thanksgiving on our own complete with one perfectly cooked turkey might I add and we even had our first snow-less Christmas. Because there has been so much going on, I'll try to not overwhelm you with the details all in one post.

But first! A picture. My favorite of 2012.

Why a picture of a random Christmas tree you ask? Well, for many reasons. This picture isn't just of a Christmas tree. It's got palm trees in it too and a wonderful dusky sunset behind it. This tree is at Seaworld. A place I'd never been to before August and have now been to countless times since. This photo means so much to me because it signifies so many changes that have happened in 2012 for my family. We moved all the way from New Hampshire to Florida in a matter of a few weeks for a new job that has opened up many opportunities for Jason to grow  and try new things. We left our families behind for an opportunity to make our family a little better and ya know what? As overwhelming as it was and as scary as it seemed to have to start all over again, I wouldn't have chosen anything else. 

Sure the holidays were weird without having our families around but ya know what? We grew stronger as a family because of it. We suffered through the whole summer and made it to the wonderful "winter" weather in Florida and Noella couldn't be happier to be able to play outside everyday. 

We have a house instead of an apartment. We have our own washer and dryer instead of having to truck it to the laundromat once a week. We have a HUGE yard and live in a great neighborhood. Life has never been better for the Chauvins. I'm so glad we took a chance on this job and were able to push the reset button on our life one more time. 

We were immensely blessed throughout 2012 from family and friends who were willing to help us out anyway they could be it a babysitting job for a little extra income or just believing in Jason enough to put their neck out there to help him into a new career. Thank you. From the very bottom of our hearts. We couldn't have made it through without you. 


  1. LOVE having you guys down here! :) We should meet up at Sea World one day!

  2. welcome back! I took a break, too, but I'm back now, as well. :) hope to see you around these parts more often! :)