Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Four little words.

Noella has an obsession with bananas. (among a rapidly growing list of other things lately including forks, babies and telling me to 'it-chen!'(listen) for sounds all day)

This morning my almost two year old strung together a four word sentence. When deciding about breakfast, (which, to be honest there isn't much deciding needed), she stood on her tippy toes to look over the top of the counter and said 'Yes please 'nana Mom!'.

First, it kills me that her Mommy phase hasn't lasted very long. I'm a little sad that now I'm just Mom. Occasionally Mamamamamama! When she's particularly wild.  Secondly, holy cow. Four words! Who knew I'd be so excited to hear a fragmented sentence!

It blows me away some days to hear what comes out of her mouth. She's picking up on things so quickly and is starting to really have conversations with people. She talked on the phone with my dad yesterday and told him all about going to see the fishes (Seaworld) and how she saw a shark (formerly a whale) and rode on the around around (carousel) and splashed in the water.

I'm really adoring this age through the meltdowns and frustrations. Two is going to be a fine year for us. I just know it.

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