Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last First

Three years ago today I was a nanny in Westport, New York just wishing the hours away until I was "off duty" and able to leave for my last first date ever.

This picture was not from our first date but it's one of our very first photos together. 

Jason and I had met officially for the first time 6 days before. He was somewhat shy when I met him but super friendly. I was nervous and therefore didn't come across as the bubbly personable girl I am. We were being set up by the daughter of my employer who worked with Jason. She told me he was 27. She told him I was 24. I was 20 and he was 29. She might not have gotten her facts right but she sure did know we would click.

For our first date I didn't think it was proper for Jason to have to drive all the way to Westport to pick me up (because it's an hour away from... everything. Seriously. It is.) so we agreed to meet in the parking lot of the Mall. I was a bit early because I was so excited. It had been a while since I had been on a date. When Jason showed up we went into Target to run an errand for the woman I worked for really quick. I don't remember exactly what we did but I do remember it had something to do with a Leap Pad something or other and a card. I remember the card especially because the card section of Target was so busy we were pushed together and boy, oh boy! did he smell good!

From there we took his car to my first hockey game. Plattsburgh is a college town so naturally, it was a college hockey game. It was the Plattsburgh Cardinals against the Buffalo State Bengals. Plattsburgh won 4-2. It was super exciting even though I had little clue as to what I was watching.

After the game he took me to Ground Round for dinner. (His favorite restaurant  I remember it was the first time I had ever been seated in the bar section of a restaurant. Our booth had this little T.V. on the side by the window. We ordered our food and made small talk. Jason left his hand resting just past the middle of the table hoping I would hold it. I was too chicken to "make the first move" but I set my hand near by secretly hoping he'd grab mine first.

After our lovely dinner, he drove me back to the mall to get my car. I thanked him and apparently mumbled some sort of good bye before hopping out of his car to get into mine. (I don't remember saying goodbye but according to Jason it totally happened) I stood by my car for a minute looking at Jason. Finally I jerked my head a little to get him to get out of the car. He thought something was wrong. Nope. I just wanted to have a proper goodbye.

He walked over to me and we stood there for a moment before we hugged. We lingered in our hugging for a moment and Jason rested his forehead on mine. And then, here's where the "magic" happened. (and something I will NEVER ever ever live down) I was nervous. I had never been this physically close to a boy (or in this case, a man) before. We were silently standing there in the freezing cold of a North Country winter. I looked up with Jason's forehead still resting on mine and what do you think happened? I went a little crossed eyed and then experienced what I call diarrhea of the mouth. I told him exactly what I saw. "You have one big eye". Magic moment ruined forever. Jason said something about me ruining the moment and he kissed me anyway.

engagement- A Likeness of Something photography

We stood in that parking lot and erm... "talked" for an hour before I realized it was almost midnight and the next day we had plans to meet the girl who set us up and her fiance in Burlington VT for lunch. Funny thing about sleeping though... Not much sleep was had that night. I was lighter than air. That night forever changed the direction of my life.


  1. what a sweet story! it's fun to think of the stories that make up the early days with our husbands, before babies came along. :)

    1. it is super fun! It's only been three years but it seems like light years have passed since we were dating. Some days I miss it but then I think about how much our relationship has changed and grown since and I wouldn't trade it.