Friday, March 1, 2013

Superhero in a nursing cover cape

A few nights ago the Miss came running out of her room with the nursing cover I had for her around her neck like a cape. She's worn it everyday since. 

Yesterday she accessorized it a little more with an old ribbon and one of her headbands around her waist. She is quite the little superhero. She prevents crimes committed by the ants by terrorizing them with sticks and picking up handfuls of their anthills. 

She keeps the backyard safe from her post at the slider and ever watchful eye. 

Noella also likes to loudly alert me whenever there is an airplane or bird flying over our yard or if she hears a particularly loud vehicle. It usually starts out with "uh-oh! What's that!?" and ends with repeating whatever it is she's seen or heard over and over again until she can no longer see or hear it. 

I love my little superhero. Even when she needs a time out. 


  1. she's so awesome! love it. :)

    1. I really really am loving this age. She's so much more fun now that she can talk and I have a little more insight as to what's going on in her world. Who knew the terrible two's would rock this hard?