Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Terribly Moody and Two

If Noella were a bit taller I'd swear lately she's been going through puberty. The mood swings that child has been having!

Don't get me wrong, I knew about the terrible part of being two. I knew I was in for messes and fits. It's the screaming and then suddenly she's fine and then suddenly she's terribly terribly mad.

I was not prepared to have my eardrums burst any time she hears the word no. If I don't have something immediately handy that is exciting enough to get her mind off of whatever it was she wasn't supposed to touch/eat/climb she reaches pitches that make me concerned for all the glass in my house.

Today, it was the fact that the iPad was on it's last leg of battery life so I asked her if she'd like to color instead. First I was met with "yes! Color!" and then suddenly, came the fit. Ohhh the fit. Rolling on the floor, kicking, screaming, crocodile tears. The whole bit. I tried to smooth it over with the lovely fresh paper and not one, but two boxes of crayons. She ignored me and continued with her fit of "WHY!? WHY!?" in between deafening screams that would scare away banshees.

She then stood up like nothing happened with a big smile and walked over to the table where I had laid out paper and crayons. She picked up a blue crayon and cheerily said "Blue!" and then set to coloring. Suddenly, as she colored she was mumble-whining something and then picked up the package of crayons and threw them at me.

Never once can I remember her throwing a mood swinging fit like this one. Needless to say, off to her room she went. I checked on her 10 minutes later when I hadn't heard her in a while and she was in bed, covered up, giraffe in her mouth sleeping like an angel. At 10:30. I didn't have the heart to wake her up so today is going to be a long one. A 10:30 nap means she'll be up at noon and won't take another nap later today. This will lead to her being exhausted by dinner and uncooperative for cleaning up before bed.

Two might kill me if it continues like this.


  1. I hear you! and also, *whispers* I heard... three is worse. eek!! good thing are girls are cute! ;)

  2. She is just testing you Erin, this faze will pass soon if you can survive it. Try not to give in or it will take longer to brake this habit. I will keep you in my prayers