Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So crafty.

I had another prenatal appointment today with the one midwife whom i have not been a fan of in the past. Today, there was something different and pleasant about her demeanor. I actually enjoyed my visit and got all my questions answered.

I have apparently gained 4 centimeters in my fundus (click here for an explanation of a what the fundus is) height since last week. and is apparently, cause for another sonogram. I'm not complaining. :) I like being able to take a peek in there and check on my little girl. Unfortunately, i have to wait until March 9th though.

I'm up to the point of going once a week to the OB. It's getting a bit boring since they always go the same way. I check in. wait for my name to be called. pee in a little cup. weight and blood pressure are taken. the doctor comes in, squashes my belly for a minute to feel that little bundle of joy. we listen to the heartbeat. everything is fine and if there aren't any more questions, we will see you next week. i drive an almost an hour for this same appointment. I almost wish we could somehow do it over the phone and save me the gas. that's what i get for choosing a hospital so far away i guess.

I'm getting very anxious for this little girl to get here. I'm excited to meet her and hold her and see her. I'm excited for Jason to be a Daddy. For him to get to hold her for a while. It's only fair since i've had her for the past 8 months or so. I'm stoked to get to hear her cry and see her smile. I'm excited to get to see my closest family and friends meet her too. As much as i kind of enjoy being the only one to really "know" her at this point, i think i'm ready to share. Here's to the next few weeks, a speedy and easy delivery and a happily ever after for my little girl.

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