Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I'm pregnant for chinese food..."

Not me. Mister.

Mister is claiming to be pregnant for Chinese food. and by pregnant, he means, he craves it all the time. He also eats wheat thins with McDonald's BBQ sauce. Maybe he's the pregnant one...

wait, nope. there's a loving jab in the ribs to remind me it just isn't so.

i love him. but he's odd sometimes.

Yesterday i went with my Mama to have some bonding time. We had went and got manicures and pedicures (best idea ever when you're super prego, can't reach your feet and need to feel like you have feet again and not balloons at the end of puffy stumps) and then did some shopping for the baby shower. We also went to look at baby things because who can resist?

She bought Noella a really really cool gift though. It's a blessing bonnet. It's handmade and gorgeous and the whitest white i've ever seen. But the coolest part about it is that once she's blessed in it, i hold onto it, release this little loop in the back of it and it becomes a hanky for her wedding day. How awesome and heirloom is that? I think it pretty much rocks. I'm stoked.

We also found an amazing deal at JoAnn fabrics. i got a plain boppy for $5. And it even came with a pattern for a cover! So we bough some pretty fabric for $2 a yard and BAM! one more thing off my list and a project for me to do on my day off!

When i came home last night, Mister had done an amazing job cleaning the apartment AND he even arranged all the furniture in the nursery for me! Everything is so spic and span. It's lovely. That's why i'm awake at 6AM on a Sunday morning. I can't sleep and would like to enjoy the stillness and cleanliness of our little home before our neighbors bring their horses down the stairs or whatever it is that they do to shake our walls in the mornings.

also because i need to make brownies for the linger longer at church today.

We are nesting. and it's a beautiful thing.

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