Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Becoming a Domestic Goddess.

Okay. Here comes the piles of excuses. but. at 36 weeks pregnant with hips that feel like they are being pulled out of their joints, a sciatic nerve that won't quit and a little girl who feels the need to push my ribcage out of her way every evening, i'm severely lacking in my wifely duties.

I will admit that i will let the dishes sit in the sink for two days and that sometimes, even though we shouldn't, i let my husband talk me into what a great idea ordering Chinese for dinner is instead of eating the food we spent all that money on.

Do these actions disqualify me for the domestic goddess of the year award? I hope not because i make up for it in other ways.

Take this evening for example. Not only did we have a mile long to do list, but we also managed to make it to church, set up a few things in the nursery and went to my parent's house for dinner. And i still had the gumption to make valentines cupcakes. (although i will admit to two small naps today... and lots of watching while things were being put together).

As a modern day wife and soon to be mommy, i still believe in the important wifely tasks from the 1950s. I get up every morning and make Mister his lunch and make sure it's not only a well balanced meal but something he will enjoy. I make an effort to make our bed and even put away the drainer full of clean dishes. I believe that there are certain things that a woman should take pride in and the small things do it for me.

By no means will my floors ever be clear of dirt or my rugs looking brand new but at the end of the day, i realize that the pile of dishes left for the next day or the unkempt bed we crawl into at night means that i have not yet achieved the status of Domestic Goddess but i am ever working at it. and that's what counts right?

I certainly hope so because that's all i can give right now.

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  1. Hahah Eryn, I totally know how you feel. I've been majorly slacking lately as well too! (I'm in a food rut right now!) I'm pretty sure that being pregnant and super awesome qualifies you! And especially because you are working at it, which is better than me. :-) (Melanie Brown in case my name doesn't show up!)