Saturday, May 28, 2011


... is what happens when you wait two weeks to do laundry.

5 huge dryers full.

I'll admit it though, i don't mind doing laundry at the laundramat. Sure i'd like my own washer and dryer in my apartment so we could save time and money but i feel so efficient when i go. I get everything done at one time and don't have to face the clothes again until next Friday.

I'm a slacker because i still have yet to take pictures of our new place. It's on my never ending to do list. I promise. Soon.

We got Noella's new born pictures back! Here's a few favorites.

Becky Trudell did a GREAT job.

We've had rain all last week. It was a bit depressing. But yesterday was warm and sunny. too warm in fact. So warm, that we got our very own air conditioner. It's a fancy one that tells you the temperature of the room. It was 88 when we put it in the window. It took 5 minutes to bring it down to 78. This thing just might save our lives this summer.

Jason and I realized something rather sad the other night. We don't have any friends in NH that we aren't related to. We need to get out more... I suppose it will be easier when Noella's a little bigger and can go to play groups and whatnot. But. Still... we should go make friends. We are shut ins on the weekends. We need a life.

Now! On a happier note!

Here's a fun video of Noella smiling at her Daddy. She loves him so. Sorry about the odd angle. It was taken on my phone.

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  1. Love the video sooo much. She's precious and you two are such adorable parents.

    Also, yes. I want to see your new apartment.