Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and stinky feet

We took some pictures after church on Mother's Day. It was sunny and warm and the forsythia looked glorious (though you can't really tell in this shot because the sun decided to hide the moment we were in formation for pictures).

My parents, of course, got to take some pictures too. They enjoy being grandparents so so much it's almost ridiculous. It's immensely helpful on the weekends when Jason and i just kind of need a break for a moment from passing her between us throughout the day. We can always call on the grandparents to come give her some lovin'.

Jason made me sit on the couch when we got home before i could change and start my usual Sunday afternoon pick up. He went into our room, opened the bottom drawer of his dresser and pulled out a box. It was small and square and i didn't recognize it. It had little metallic flowers all over it. Then he did something he almost never does. He grabbed my camera before he handed me the box. I opened it and cried almost immediately. It was the Mother's necklace i had picked out last year right after i found out i was pregnant. It couldn't have been more perfect. It was a collaborative present from Jason, Noella and my Parents. I put it on and haven't taken it off since.
It's hand stamped and says "you are my sunshine" on one pendant and Noella's name on the other with her birthstone. I couldn't believe they remembered. It made my mother's day.

I had so much fun this mother's day and got all sorts of free stuff just because i'm a mom. It made me feel really good. My neighbors gave me a big pot of pansies, i got a geranium from the young men at church, and i was given a free corsage at Shaw's all just because i'm a mom. It's pretty cool to be so recognized just for bringing a new life into the world. :)

Now, onto the stinky feet part of this post.... (I'm sure that's most of the reason your interest was peaked to read this post anyway.... )

My feet stink today. And you know what that means to me? That i did something. That i was productive enough to break a sweat.

Wanna know what i was doing?

I was packing and moving things all day.

We are moving. again. I know, i know. You're asking, 'didn't you JUST move in January!?'. Yes, we did. We moved to get prepared for Noella. So we wouldn't have to try to squeeze a baby and all the stuff that comes with her into our teeny tiny bedroom in my parent's house. It was a cheap and very available little apartment. And it's worked. until recently that is.

I've decided to quit my job and be a stay at home mom and so spending $80 a week in gas just to get Jason back and forth to work. So i looked for a new apartment to try to save us a little money. Thank goodness we have an awesome landlord who also owns several other properties and just to happened to have an apartment in the town Jason works in that was recently renovated AND has new appliances and was available immediately. So we looked at it, decided 'why not' and started packing.

It's a second floor apartment and the bedrooms are smaller than what we have now but the kitchen and living room are so much bigger. Not to mention that there are SO many closets which makes me SO happy! We have space to put our linens that isn't a big ugly tote in the bottom of Noella's closet and a real pantry and a HUGE coat closet! And we have a lovely space in the kitchen for a table so we won't have to eat on the couch anymore. I might even have room to set up a small project table/desk area in the living room. We also have a back entry with a little deck area.

We will be officially moved in on Saturday. I'm working little by little all this week to get the non-essentials and little pieces of furniture moved over so when Saturday comes, all we have is one trip to make with the bigger things like the bed and dressers. It's going to be hard to move in the bigger things because we have to bring them not only up a set of narrow stairs but TWO sets and they are both outside (because the inside stairs are way too narrow and they have a twist in them) So pray it doesn't rain that day and that everything fits in that way. I sure hope they do!

These are my favorite stinky feet. though, they don't really stink. I just like to pick on her and say they do. :)

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