Monday, May 23, 2011

New digs

We are done moving. Finally.

...well... truthfully, we were done a week ago. But we are done with most of the unpacking now. Just Noella's room and a few odd boxes in the kitchen full of homeless items.

We like it here with the exception of our noisy neighbors. We were spoiled with how quiet our other building was and the fact that we were on the first floor. Now we are sandwiched between a young man with an awesome sound system and love for anything with a heavy bass line and a heavy footed couple above us. We can only assume that one of them works second shift because otherwise they never sleep because it seems like someone is moving around all the time up there. Also, we live next to the busiest McDonalds in the area. Strike that. The ONLY McDonalds in the area.

But the positives are that this apartment is positively huge compared to our first place. We have room for our giant leather sectional, the little loveseat that was shoved into Noella's room previously, two desks, an entertainment center with Jason's prized 42 inch plasma tv AND still have a little space open by the door for a shoe mat and my credenza with plants. Our kitchen has space to have a little table so no more having to eat in the living room (well... we do until we can get a set of chairs for said space). We also have a real pantry AND a linen closet. Our coat closet has doubled in space and our bedroom easily fits our queen bed, both dressers and we don't have to sleep in a closet anymore! YAY!

Noella is apparently a fan of our new place. :)

I'll post pictures as soon as i get a chance to take some. Cross my heart! (i'm very excited to show you guys because there are a lot of vintage touches here that i LOVE.)

Miss Noella has been having a rough time lately though. I wonder if it's the move or just her age but she doesn't want to nap unless she's on our chests. It makes it kind of hard to do things in the afternoon though there are some days i don't mind because it means i can take a little siesta too. I just hope it settles down again soon and she can get back into her routine. We had just established a good routine before we decided to move and now the poor little thing's life turned upside down.

She is also not a fan of tummy time. She grunts and whines and kicks when we put her on her tummy. It's hard to make her do it because she seems so unhappy but i know it's going to benefit her in the long run. But she seems to be getting the whole sitting up thing well. She can sit up pretty much by herself now. She just needs a little support on the small of her back.

Noella is becoming more and more like a little me everyday. She has an attitude and man does she know how to use it. She's also a super duper chatty little thing! She loves to babble away when she wakes up in the morning and when she's on her exercise mat. She is growing so fast. I saw a two week old the other day and it kind of made my heart ache for the days when she was that tiny. Not that she's gigantic now or anything but she's almost double her birth weight already and at least 4 inches longer.

Noella and Daddy just two days after she was born
Noella and Daddy just two weeks ago

See what i mean? She's so so big. Time is flying too darn fast. How do i make it slow down?

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  1. I thought about that with you. You were walking , grade school and off to college and now a great wife and a mom. You can never stop time but , cherish the moments like all the ones you are having now. Much love sweet pea!!!