Wednesday, March 9, 2011

starting and stopping

I've been having contractions on and off for a few days. Usually only at night or in the morning when we happen to be running late. (I sure hope this isn't a sign of our future with this little one)

They come in regular waves like good contractions ought to but only last for a few hours then stop. I've been keeping poor Mister awake with my moaning and groaning and tossing and turning. It seems as soon as he gets into a good rhythm of snoring, i've GOT to change positions or my abdomen just might rip itself off. Poor fella puts up with so much from me and Bambino.

All this starting and stopping has me super sore. It's harder to waddle when your crotch aches. (sorry for the crude wording but there's really no other way to express this discomfort) I have today off for my last sonogram before Bambino gets here. I'm excited to see her again. There is something truly awesome about having the ability to take a peek in there and see your baby, though unrecognizable as they may be on a gray screen. It's amazing how far medical technology has come in a few short decades. Madam (my maternal Grandmother) had 7 kids and didn't know their gender or approximate size or anything really about them physically until they were born. She says it was better that way. You wouldn't get so worried because your measurements were off or maybe the umbilical cord was showing up as a tumor. You'd just wait it out and get what you got. She is one tough bird.

My patience with this pregnancy has reached it's all time stretching point. I'm not so anxious to get the labor process moving but more anxious to get to be able to move around at least a little without everything hurting and maybe be able to wear my sneakers without my socks showing on either side of the tongue. I know it's selfish to admit it, but i'd like my own non-pregnant body back more than i desire to push this little creature into the world at the moment.

Don't get me wrong. I am over the moon excited to meet this little girl. I'm just not skipping for joy at the thought of what it's going to take to get her here. Labor is messy and wet and sticky and painful and i'm just not a fan of any of those. But my body was designed to do this and do it i shall! It's all going to be worth it to see that little cone shaped head and to hear her cry her little lungs out. I can't wait to snuggle her face and nom on her little toes. Babies take more work to bring into this world than they do to take care of. That's my opinion at the moment anyway.

we'll see what i think of this a week after she's home.

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