Monday, March 14, 2011

Our little home

Here are some pictures of my favorite things in our apartment.

This is a wall hanging my mom bought for us. Pretty spiffy eh?

And of course we have a few buddahs.
This is an antique frame i pilfered from my mom and have hung some of my treasures in as well as a few things from Jason.
Our rather plain bedroom.
Noella's Crib
Our living room floor and coffee table
This is a credenza i bought for $10 in NY. We have Noella's piggy bank and ours on top for safe keeping.
Coat Closet
Where we hang our keys. Mine on the left, Jason's on the right.
Out fruit plate that was given to us by Pat Maynard.
This green vase has the very first flowers Jason ever bought me. They are from my birthday last year.


  1. Great pics! Love the new camera!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to get to use it in nicer weather. Today was too icky and cold to go out.

  3. LOVE the apartment. It is SO precious!