Friday, March 18, 2011

D Day

I was called yesterday morning to be told i'm being induced for labor today. Needless to say, i was excited and scared and relieved all at the same time and have rode every emotion in between since.

I was given a 24 hour urine collection test (yes i had to capture every drop of my own pee for 24 hours and pour it into a lovely orange jug) which came back with elevated levels of proteins. Because of my extreme edema and the headaches and nausea i've been having, they are worried about preeclampsia and decided it's best to get this baby out sooner rather than later. I'm certainly not going to argue with the pros but in my head, i had prepared myself for hours of labor at home and then going into the hospital.

I was prepared to be eased into labor by mother nature and it seems like my body has other plans which kind of worries me. Babies are born everyday in much higher risk situations. I know this. I told myself this throughout my day yesterday but it still didn't ease my mind. This is my baby. My first baby. This was not in our plan. I guess it's my first real lesson in parenthood. Plans fly out the window faster than you can make them. It's a truth i've got to face one day or another.

So, let me end on a more positive note. I will be a mommy with a little perfect pink bundle of joy in my arms by the end of this weekend and it's the most exciting thing to happen to my little life so far. I can't wait to meet her and count her toes over and over again. I made a miracle and i'm finally going to get to see the fruits of my labors. (pun not intended).

Wish me (and especially Jason) luck today!


  1. oh I'm So excited for you! You will do great! Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures.

  2. hi! i was just perusing your blog after getting to link on the BBC post. i liked your sentiment here - "plans fly out the window faster than you can make them" - that's so true! my girl is almost 5 months old & i'm still reminded of that almost daily! oh, and your girl is a cutie! :)