Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been a while

It's closing in on almost a month since i've last posted and it's time.

Things haven't changed much around here. Noella is still the moody, drooling little bundle she's always been and Mister is still wonderful.

I suppose the newest thing is that i'm going back to college. This time it's exclusively online so i don't have to worry about the extra gas or finding sitters in time for my classes. It's going to be totally different but i'm up for it. It just means i have to be more of an "adult" in holding myself responsible to make time for schoolwork every day. It shouldn't be hard. After all, i do somehow find time for facebook, email and blogging. Oh and of course the occasional window shopping trip online at all the cute things i'd like for my home one day.

I've also come to the realization that i want another baby. Yes, after only 6 months of my first one, i have the desire to go through it all again for a second one. This doesn't mean i'm announcing anything and it certainly doesn't mean we are "trying". Just that i've verbalized it. It's probably going to crop up now and then until it actually happens and then i'm going to lament it on days when there aren't enough hands for both of them and the crying never stops. I suppose i just have a vision of three wee ones fairly close in age being the best of friends and cheering each other on. I know Noella isn't lonely. It's hard for her to be since she's pretty much always got someone with her. I just am excited for the time to come when she has a tiny one to keep her company too.

I've actually met and spoken with our neighbors upstairs and though their little girl is full of energy and makes things in my apartment shake, she and her mom are lovely. Her name is Carly and she's so beautiful and wicked smart. Her mom Jami even dug up some old pants that Carly had when she was little to supplement our ever changing wardrobe needs. (the weather has been wacky to say the least) I'm very glad to have met them. It's nice to have another stay at home mom in the building. I was feeling particularly young when i realized the only people not working during the day were an older fellow upstairs and a disabled woman on the ground floor.

Fall is in the air! Not only has it been raining like crazy which is a sure sign on Autumn around here but the leaves are starting to change. Oh how i adore those purples, reds, oranges and yellows! Frankly, i think it's the only reason i stay in New England. I could care less about the snow and someone else can have the muggy summer weather but Fall! Oh Fall! It's sweater weather. Anyone who knows me knows i have a lovely collection of sweaters in my closet just waiting for the perfect time to take them out. I love how crisp the air gets and the frost on the grass in the mornings. I love that it's cool enough to bake again! (Jason nearly skinned me the times i had the itch to bake this summer since it was usually on the hottest days for some reason) At any rate, clearly, i'm excited.

And because I too, have taken the pledge that no post can be a naked post, here are a few pictures of the 'Nut.

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