Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swimming, coupons and teeth

The Miss has become a water bug.

Gammy bought her this wonderful contraption and she's taken a liking to it. It's the only time she can move totally independent from someone else and boy is she a fan! She kicks up a storm and splashes around. I'm so glad she loves to swim because we do too.

I've started coupon clipping. It's fun. and time consuming. But it takes up the time i would otherwise use for tv watching or mindless eating or a combination of the two so i feel productive. So far, we've only couponed once and only saved $2.50 but ya gotta start somewhere! I have a pile of coupons on my desk waiting to be cut out and categorized for our stock up trip to Price Chopper. They double all coupons up to $.99 so i'm stoked.

Other news on the Miss. She's cutting teeth. and she's miserable. At least, this is our theory. She's putting everything into her mouth, drooling, cranky and eating less than usual. With her eating less than usual, she's barely getting 20oz a day most of the time when she should be close to 32oz. But it's hard to force her to eat when she won't take the bottle. We'll get through it though. Eventually, you always get through it.


  1. Awww TEETH! Those are the worst for mom, dad, and baby good luck! Oh and she looks adorable in her little swimming getup =) how fun!!!

  2. Where did you get that swimming thing from? i looked for one at walmart and didnt see it!

  3. Do you do online coupons?,, and are all great coupon resources. Plus certain stores websites, like Target, have great coupons as well! (I'm a big couponer as well!)