Saturday, August 20, 2011

Holy 5 Months Batman!

That's right! My own little peanut (or simply the "Nut" as we call her these days) is five whole months old today. And boy has it gone by fast. Well, maybe not the last month. But still. Faster than i ever remember 5 months going.

Now she can:
Roll over
sit tripod style
blow raspberries
do that thing that kids do when they go "ahhhhhhh" and tap their mouths repeatedly with their hands. (it's a favorite actually)
soothe herself to sleep sometimes
Laughs. Oh how we love to hear her laugh!
She's starting to take steps when we hold her hands up. She can "walk" across the living room.

Recently however, the little one who loved to eat peaches and pears, applesauce and oatmeal has refused solids. In fact, she gags whenever i try. I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that i may have started her a bit early and now she's rebelling against my excitement of starting solids. So I've thrown in the towel for the time being and will try again next week. Say la vie.

And i have to admit something. It's going to sound awful. But it's true. I love the fact that I am the center of this little one's world sometimes. No matter how focused she is on something, how determined she is to get something into her mouth or who is holding her, if she hears my voice, she immediately starts looking for me. She tracks me when i walk passed her. If she's fussing in her crib and hears my voice she chills out for a moment. And my all time favorite mommy moments are when I'm starting her sleepy time routine and she opens her mouth, gives me a "kiss" and starts humming with me. It's slimy, makes my skin feel weird after the drool dries and most of the time also comes with a little bit of au d'spit-up but it's sweet.

This is the first picture I have of just she and I since she was only 2 months old. Credit goes to my wonderful Mama. I'm so excited for next month. We just might have a half birthday for her. :)


  1. i couldn't agree more with you - i love how ruby wants me and only me, if i'm around. she doesn't mind being with her dad, but that only lasts a minute or so, then if i'm in the room, she wants to be with me again. it's a great reward after several months of kind of a one-way relationship, ya know? it's nice to get those smiles and little kisses (even if she's still learning how to do that and mostly just eats our faces. lol!)
    and yes, i agree - you're "peanut" is a cutie!