Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Rolling over

Noella finally rolled over. From her tummy to her back. But only once. And can't seem to figure it out again. She lays on the floor now lifting her pelvis as high as she can letting out loud grunts of frusteration until finally, she collapses and whimpers, totally defeated, until i pick her up.

It's not from a lack of trying that she hasn't gotten it again. I've tried toys that rattle to grab her attention, placing something on her chest so that when she knocks it over she'll try to roll to grab it. I've tried helping her along by placing her on her side. That child just lays there and looks at me like i'm dumb until gravity takes effect and she's on her back again.

I wonder if she's just taking after me and doing things in her own time and by her own means. No help wanted or needed thanks.

I sure hope she gets over her pride soon and figures this out. It's getting tiring to hear her in despair time and time again.

On a slightly happier note, she loves the exersaucer. She loves to be able to stand. But only for about 10 minutes because her chubby little legs give out and she is forced to shlump forward and it isn't any fun when the toys are in your face.

I'm sorry for not having pictures for this post. Coming as soon as i can unbury my desk from the crafting disaster area it's become so i can get to my laptop.

Wish me luck.

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