Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My little Chunk and Photos by Chauvin!

Here are two pictures of Noella wearing the same thing. One was taken a day or so after birth and the other was taken yesterday. Boy has she turned into a chunker! (apologies for the poor quality... both are cell phone pictures...)

In other news, it was finally cool enough to have a day without the AC on! We opened windows and slept with them wide open. Until about 3:45 when the delivery truck for McDonald's started crashing about loading and unloading things. That is one major downfall to this apartment. Also, the lack of control that parents around here seem to have on their children while dining at McDonald's. I constantly hear "Stop!", "Don't do that!", "GET. OVER. HERE!!!!". Followed by whining children begging their parents for an ice cream or asking "How come SHE got the cool toy!?". I beg you, if i ever have children like that, please don't hesitate to put us all in time out until we can learn to act like civilized human beings...

I've started taking pictures. Well, I'm trying to start to take pictures for real clients. I figured, I have some practice and do know how to take decent shots so why not? After all, how am i going to hone my craft if i don't get the practice? My little "business" is called Photos by Chauvin.

One of my best friend's older sister is helping me with the process of getting to know my camera a little better. She can explain things in plain english rather than the photography jargon i find on most websites and in most books. You can check out her blog here. I think she's super talented. And not uppity about it either which makes her perfect to be one of my mentors.

I also have another friend, Becky Trudell who is also helping me along in this journey. She takes such wonderful, natural looking photos. She too, is super talented and really relaxed about the whole process. (check her out here.) She and i share the same ideas about what a portrait should be. While there are many people who like the studio look for their shots (everyone is posed perfectly with adorable smiles in matching outfits), we like to capture more of the everyday sort of feeling in our pictures. Capturing the true dynamic of a family can make for a powerful shot. One that brings back memories for years to come. That's what i look forward to capturing for people. That's why i want to get into the photography business.

Wish me luck! My first shoot is on Friday. I'll post a sampling of pictures. Actually, maybe i'll start my own business blog... we'll see how ambitious i am.

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  1. you mentioned me! you mentioned me? i am honored. thanks. and inspired.