Friday, July 8, 2011

A day of Firsts

Today was a lovely day. A day full of firsts.

It was the first time in a while i actually took a little pride in my appearance. Let's face it, who sees me lately other than Noella and Jason?

It was the first day Noella smiled at a stranger. A legitimate stranger. Not just a family member she only sees occasionally.

And who wouldn't giggle with glee at this little one?

It was the first day Noella went for more than 15 minutes without a fountain of spit up flowing out of her mouth like a slowly erupting volcano. We switched bottles on her to the kind with the drop in liner. She apparently can't handle the air she gets with the other ones. I'm happy to replace the bottles we currently have if it means no more moist, sour smelling wardrobe change every couple of hours.

It was the first time we went to the pediatrician for said spit up issues and it didn't result in any screaming or tears.

And it was the very first time Noella ate solids. Didn't just kinda look at them longingly or try to put her hands in my meal. She herself was able to eat. She ate applesauce watered down with a little formula. It was interesting to watch. She would open her mouth for a spoonful, willingly take it in and then proceed to make that face that all children make when they aren't quite sure what's in their mouths. Kind of like the "i just smelled something rotten" face. She even knocked a spoonful onto her high chair. She's growing so fast.

Oh how i love days like this!

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