Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Super wieney

That's me.
I'm a super wieney.
I can't bear being away from my husband for more than 12 hours.
Less than 12.
I almost had a heart attack yesterday because he was an hour late getting home. I knew he had to stop at my parents house to pick up our laundry. (Thank you Madam!) And i also knew he couldn't get out of there without at least 15 minutes of "shootin the breeze" with my uncles. And yet somehow, i was worried he was laying in a ditch somewhere.

This morning, much like every morning, my heart ached when it came time to kiss us goodbye. I missed him already and he wasn't even out the door yet. I just love him so. He's my very best friend in the whole world. (Apologies to a certain blonde and brunette but it's the truth) No one makes me laugh as hard as he does and no one i've ever met understands my brand of crazy quite like he does. Even in my postpartum mood swings (which have begun to settle thank heavens!), he was right there to make sure i was okay even if it meant Noella was going to fuss for a minute.

He goes to work everyday to a job he isn't the most confident in doing and still manages to get up with me for every midnight feeding and early morning diaper change. This man is amazing. I'm so lucky to have him. He loves us unconditionally even when i'm being a brat.

I love the fact that even though we struggle financially and have differing points of view on most subjects, our fights have never turned into shouting matches and have never lasted longer than a few hours of tense silence until one of us cracks and we are sent into a mushy puddle of love again. There may be a few cynics out there who might think it's just because we are still "newlywed" but i'd like to think it's because we picked the right one. We balance each other and that's what a good marriage should be. Balanced.

And if it makes me a wieney to admit this man makes me weak in the knees, than i'm a super weiney and proud to admit it.

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  1. I am so happy that you picked him too. Now, you know what it is like when we find our best friends are not a girlfriend but, the man you picked to be your husband. Many of us wine too when our husband need to leave us. As long as you tell him I miss you and thank him for going to work. He will know how lucky he did by picking you to love. Love you.