Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleeping through

The Bambino slept through the night last night.
All the way through.
7 straight hours.
It was so nice. :)

I have to admit though, i woke up in a panic at 4AM when i realized what time it was and i hadn't heard a peep from her yet. She had a hard time going to bed last night so she didn't go down until almost 9:30 which is an hour and a half later than usual. I was worried that maybe she had woken up and i hadn't heard her because we have a fan in our room now but then it occurred to me that even though we have that extra noise, you still can't sleep through a mouse farting in our apartment because this building is so still and quiet at night.

This is her excited face.

She's also a huge fan of her exercise mat. Her vision is developed enough now to recognize that there are objects above her and she's working on the coordination to bat at them. She also likes to watch herself in the mirror thing that hangs at the top of her mat. I am perpetually amazed at her development and growth. She's only 3 weeks and is just starting to fill out her newborn size clothes and it won't be long before she's going to out grow them. I can't believe it's only been three weeks.

She's only a peanut but she is the center of this man's universe. It's baffling sometimes how much you can love something so small. I still can't believe i made her. 9 months of mood swings, sciatica, and morning sickness, 20 hours of labor and 45 minutes of pushing produced the most perfect little girl i've ever met and it was so worth it. I couldn't have picked a better baby and i am so excited i get to watch her grow up.


  1. We got lucky with you. When you came home you slept though the night. I am so amazed on how she has changed. I love her so.