Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Hampshire trip - Part 3

If you missed the memo, you can read parts 1 & 2 here and here

We visited my Madam down in Antrim NH too. Oh how I missed that woman!

We took family photos with her. She's always got a great smile. 

Noella really loved to play in her front yard. She picked flowers with my uncle Jim too. 

It amazes me that no matter how long we are away from family, Noella knows who they are almost instantly and settles right in. 

On Saturday my parents took us to the beach for a change of pace. It was fun but so so cold! 

There were tons of surfers out that day trying to catch the end of the waves from Andrea. 

It was a great day. Noella LOVED the beach and then asked to go almost every day afterwards. 

After a super busy week and a trip to the beach, we prepared to go visit Mema for a few days. That's my final post. Coming soon! 

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