Sunday, November 27, 2011

oh the holidays!

I have been stoked for Christmas this year. Seriously beyond excited. I've been looking at Christmas things since August. I spent Thanksgiving afternoon making Christmas-y things with my sister-in-law Jennie. She made some ornaments and I made a Christmas wreath for our door. I'm positively ITCHING to put it up already. I can't decorate until December 1st though per request of the Mister. I think I can survive until Thursday. We'll see...

This is Noella's first Christmas (obviously) so it's going to be particularly special. It's also the first Christmas Mister and I are on our own so that is also super exciting. We are going back to NY to spend the holiday with Jason's family. I've decided to make a special Christmas cookie I grew up with and put them into tins for them. I sure hope they like them.

We have almost every one else crossed off the Christmas shopping list. It's odd because I'm so used to having to shop everything last minute. I have them all tucked away into a closet hoping that if I don't see them then the urge to get them wrapped won't be so... urgent. After all, I do have a whole month before they need to be wrapped AND an awfully curious 8 month old to wrangle.

Now for some Thanksgiving pictures!

Olive fingers!

She has an obsession with Daddy's hats.

Hanging with the ladies in the Kitchen.

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